1. L

    VBA colour cells based on month

    Hi everyone. I have a table on a sheet that I want to apply to some formatting to. RULE 1 where the B column (or table heading = "VAT quarter") has my VAT quarter end dates in. I want to fill the cell colour based on the month of these in the following way: January = Orange fill April = Yellow...
  2. B

    Transfer Data from 1 sheet to another given conditions.

    Sheet 1 and 2 are a Timesheet setup in a table. Table1 Sheet1 and Table2 Sheet2. Sheet 1 is the 1st 2 weeks of the pay period, Sheet 2 is the second 2 weeks. Formulas in the Table autofill in case a new row needs to be added based on spit days. What I need to do is copy data from 1 of...
  3. L

    fill a range with numbers - vba

    Hi The code below is going to fill a range with random number but all the cells will get the same number. What I want, is to fill cells of that range with different random number. So I am thinking to put that line of code in a loop but how can I loop when user might enter any different range...
  4. M

    Display my chart's font fill color and transparency percentage for all series on a "Chart Details" range of cells

    I'm using Excel 2016. As I keep fine-tuning my stacked area chart's configurations, I find it hard to keep track of the fill colors and series colors. I want to display, for example, in cells B40 and C40 series1's Fill color hex code and series1's Fill color's transparency. And then B41 and C41...
  5. H

    IF to evaluate errors also

    I want to fill D2 as per below criteria’s D2=E2 if B2>0 D2=F2 if B2<0 D2=0 if B2=zero 0 or B2’s formula evaluates to an error. The following error types are evaluated: #N/A, #VALUE!, #REF!, #DIV/0!, #NUM!, #NAME?, or #NULL!. How to accomplish please?
  6. H

    4 IFs

    I want to fill D2 as per below criteria’s D2=1 if B2>0 D2=0 if B2<0 D2=null if B2=zero 0 or null How to accomplish please?
  7. N

    Dragging a formula problem?

    I apologize if this has been covered somewhere else, but I'm not even sure how to accurately search for my problem. I have a spreadsheet in which I have calculated a lot of data on 3 separate sheets. I'm trying to consolidate the data into a "Totals" sheet. I have used the following formula in...
  8. P

    Duplicate value search

    Can some one please provide a formula to allow me to identify duplicates within a specific range. I have a value in a cell H70 which is text that is selected from a drop down list. I want to know if that value has also in another cell (H4 for example). I would like the cell fill in H70 to go...
  9. M

    Conditional Formatting to change the Fill color of a cell based on the hex value of a different cell.

    I have a block of cells A1:D4. I want to set the fill color of that block based on the value of cell F1, which should have the form #XXXXXX, where “X” is a hexadecimal digit. And as I change the values of cell F1 the fill colors change as well. Is this possible? I tried conditional formatting...
  10. C

    Comment or Note: Auto Fill with date & time

    WITHOUT doing a VBA is there a way that a note/comment can auto fill the date and time as well as the person's name? Thank you :)
  11. K

    Conditional formatting based on another value

    I have two number columns A and B. I want to highlight column A with either a GREEN fill or RED fill. If the value of A is greater than B*0.95 AND A is less than B*1.1 fill it GREEN. If the value of A is greater than or equal to B*1.1 OR A is less than or equal to B*0.95 fill it RED. Been...
  12. J

    If value is 12 then fill range 1-12 etc..

    Hi, Unsure best way to do this. Value in Range A1 If value is 12 then fill 1-12 starting at C1 Then if Range A1 is 6 Do nothing as 6 is already in the filled range Then if Range A1 changes to 21 Extend fill range to 21 Appreciate any help
  13. O

    VBA Macro to Fill Down a column(s) with the same data

    First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this. To keep it simple, is there a simple code line(s) that allow me to fill down automatically one column, with the value from a specific cell (I3 here), until the end of data (variable number of rows)? I have 600 files and the number of...
  14. H

    Mandatory cell input

    Hi, I looking for a new vba code for these. In my workbook. I need to make B6 cell as mandatory or need to fill first before you can do other work in workbook. Also a message popup if they not fill the B6 FIRST. Meant after save and open if B6 are filled you can continue your work. Thank you
  15. D

    conditional formatting 2 colours for a cell.

    Hello, I have a column that is conditionaly formatted. Cells change there fill colour depending upon the value. My cells change to red if the value <-0.1. Then green appears when the value>0.1 I have used rules type "cells that contain". but at the moment empty cells fill green. How can this be...
  16. P

    Column Duplicate and Search

    Hello, I cant figure out how to do a "double search" in a column. Conditional formatting would be better but entering a formula along a row could do. Hopefully I can explain what I am tryin to do. I am trying to find duplicates within a column (F through S), then in the duplicate row see, if...
  17. A

    code show warning message about brands

    hello i have data in sheet1 begins range from a2:c10 and userform contains 3 textbox the column c contain values when i fill data in textbox3 and press enter i would show the message " avalible is 200 or 300 or500.etc if the entered number in textbo3 more than what in column c my...
  18. H

    Change fill color based on the value on sheet2

    Sheet1 is data Sheet2 is data with fill color Abit hard to use conditional Formatting as i have at least 411 data with fill color Is there anyway to do it?
  19. J

    Fill from price list

    I have a sheet where column A is the product and column B is the price. I have a separate sheet with the price list. Column A has a drop box to choose a product from the list in the price list sheet. I'd like to price to automatically fill in Column B based on the value in Column A. I can't...
  20. F

    Filling in a column based on value in other column

    Hi all, It sounds easy but couldn't find the solution in excel (preferably without macro's). I have two sheets. Sheet 1 contains a list. In sheet 2 I have to fill in the last column, based on the list in sheet 1 (preferably using a formula). First column is just 5 times A,B,C,D. In sheet 1...

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