1. L

    fill diagonal with zero

    Hi I am just curious, if there is a way to fill diagonal with zeros like below? formula, auto fill kind of things etc. Thank you very much <colgroup><col><col span="5"></colgroup><tbody> location1 location2 location3 location4 location5 location1 0 location2 0 location3 0...
  2. M

    Fill in Blank Cells

    I have a column of Names that that has some empty fields. I need to complete that data, by filling the blank cells with the last non-balnk cell prior to that cell. For example, Cell b5 has a name in it and the 5 cells below it are empty. i want to fill those empty cells by the value of cell b5...
  3. U

    Leave balance Carry Forward

    <tbody> Month Emp # Opening Casual Leave Availed Casual Leave Casual Leave Balance Sep 18 1 05 01 04 =(C1-D1) Sep 18 2 07 02 05 =(C2-D2) Oct 18 1 04 ? auto fill Oct 18 2 05 ? auto fill </tbody> how to opening casual leave auto fill while entering new month payroll?
  4. M

    excel insert comment with photo macro

    Hello i have to make a long list where i have to fill a lot of text cells whit one particullary photo for each cell commentary like in this video: All i need is a macro for example when i press Ctrl+h to make the macro to insert comment delete the...
  5. T

    Zero Fill a range of unique numbers

    Thanks for your advice. I have thousands of lines of unique 16 digit numbers. I would like to front zero fill digits 17 thru 20. Thanks again - Tom
  6. N

    VBA: How to fill two comboboxes without duplicate items

    Hi, I have two comboboxes and want to fill with details from column f and column K from my database without duplicate items. The database will be updated daily. Basically this is what I've done but the comboboxes have no output when I run the program. Can somebody help me? Private Sub...
  7. sharky12345

    Fill down column until next non-blank row then start again

    I have some cells with data in column M between M7:M100 - only cells M7, M16, M26, M35 and M42 have values. I need a VBA routine that will start at M7 and fill M6:M15 with the same value, then start again from M16 and so on. Can anyone start me off please?
  8. S

    VBA filldown with dynamic range

    <tbody> a b c 1 <tbody> 1 on LTD. </tbody> 31354 Q1 2 <tbody> 2 on LTD. </tbody> 425 Q1 3 <tbody> 31 on LTD. </tbody> 452 Q1 4 <tbody> 51 on LTD. </tbody> 76 Q1 5 <tbody> 8 on LTD. </tbody> 456786 Q1 6 <tbody> 65 on LTD. </tbody> 475 Q3 7 <tbody> 68 on...
  9. P

    Fill Combobox with sheet names from another workbook

    Hi I have a combobox in userform in workbook1 and i want to fill it with sheets names from workbook2 please help.
  10. R

    Help with formula

    Hi All, I need to enter values in a cell similar to this 33/35/56/65. It can be single digits or up to 4 digits and max of 20 slashes. I would then like the next 20 cells below to be able to fill in each number separately. Example: 33/35/56/65 Result: 33 35 56 65 Your help is greatly...
  11. A

    Cobobox fill data on active worksheet

    Good Day, I have two worksheets. Worksheet1 has 4 comboboxes Worksheet2 has ColumnA=Departments and ColumnB=Names How can I fill that 3 comboboxes(2-3-4) if the Combobox1 selected by department? Thanks <tbody> Cmbobox1 COLUMN-A- COLUMN-B- Department1 Department1 Name1 Department2...
  12. T

    Simple Rota - no adjacent duplicates

    Hi All have been trying to solve this one myself with a lot of googling, looking on forums etc and can't quite find an answer. I need to put together a rota for a small team operating audio-visual equipment. Some of the team are trained to operate the mixing desk plus microphones, some are...
  13. D

    VBA to fill the empty cells above from the value below.

    Hi, Please could someone help me out? I am trying to get a VBA code that fills all the empty cells above in column G with the same value that is below. So lets say 'DB' is in cell G20 and 'AL' is in cell G10. I would like the code to fill cells G19:G11 with 'DB' Any help would be much...
  14. F

    Fill series - odd days/months

    Hi, I'm following Microsoft Virtual Academy's Excel tutorial and I've come across different ways to use the fill series and I wanted to ask how you can do a fill series if you wanted to do odd days/months (so Monday, Wednesday, Friday or months Apr, June, Sept). After writing April, June and...
  15. R

    Spreadsheet Won't Print Color

    This is weird. I have a worksheet that is generated by another piece of software (it's web-based, I don't know). On this Excel sheet, I have: Conditional formatting that changes the fill color and the text color Text that, after it's been imported, I manually change the color An imported...
  16. C

    Gantt Chart help please! Formula to calculate date range based on budgeting criteria

    I am trying to find a formula for a Gantt chart that will calculate and fill in the graph dates based on a budget dollar amount entered. If the budget dollar amount is $100, and each week is "worth" $2, I need the formula to calculate how many weeks the $100 would cover and fill in the bar...
  17. U

    Fill/hatch the inside of an area which is in a chart

    Hello, I want to fill/hatch the inside of an area which is created by entering the X and Y coordinates. I made an example what I wanted to do in the picture on the right. Thanks for your helps. Utku
  18. E

    Is there a formula to transpose a range?

    Hello, Is there a way to specify a vertical range and fill in a row with that? Thanks!
  19. Sean15

    Ned help with Fill

    Hi: I need to fill a large worksheet as follows: all blank rows that follows a cell with a value should be filled with that cell value. For example in column C below, C5, C6, C7 should be filled with value in C4. Value in C8 must stay as is but C11, CC12 must be filled with value in C8 The...
  20. L

    copying the same date in 100 cells in the same column

    Hi How to fill a column (let say 100 cells) with the same date? I typed A1=28/09/2018 and then auto fill but excel added 1 day to each cell. I tried to Right click auto fill --> series and then the End date 28/09/2018 but nothing get filled. The only way I see if i type in A1= today() and then...

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