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  1. S

    Find value from active sheet and copy to another sheet

    Dear sirs, How can I use VBA to find first value in activesheet in column R. Value to search is written in sheet "Parameters" cell J5. Once it find first searched value, it gives value to left in column "O" and write this value to sheet "Parameters" to cell J6. In this example(shown picture)...
  2. I

    Find subtotal values in a dynamic range - Formula or VBA

    Hello everyone, This is my first post here on this forum. Please see the sample set of data below, this data is on a worksheet called Éxpenses'. It is a report extracted from our database so there are no formulas on this sheet...
  3. A

    Find value in third column

    Hello everyone! how can i find the value in - 1. IF in column AA the value in equal to the value in cell A1 2. AND in column AR the value is equal to "usd" or"euro" or"nok" 3. GIVE me the value in that line from column AC
  4. X

    Vbe to search for selected cell value in another table

    The situation is as follows: I have a "main table" which is *full* of data. Im talkin abut 1500 entries. Then i have another table, which is for filtering. I have already figured out how to filter the table for what im looking at. But what i now need is a way to search for a selected value...
  5. K

    VBA to find a value in a pivot table

    Hello! I have a UserValue input through an InputBox. I would like to check a little one-column pivot table to see if that value exists in the table. If it does, I will pop up a message. If not, continue with the macro. This is what I wrote, but it's (obviously) not working. At the bolded...
  6. V

    Find Value in Cell, Copy Row to New Sheet, Using 3 different Variables

    I am having difficulty creating this Macro: Purpose: Using a report that is generated each month, pull information from main sheet and copy onto new sheet, format the sheet and sum relevant numbers. Complete Process: 1) Create 3 new sheet with static names, and copy header information to each...
  7. K

    Do Until Find a new value

    Hello, I have a table where in column A there are a set of data of all kinds. In some cells of this column there is the information that interest me, that comes in the form "account - xxxx"/ then a few rows below I'll find "account - yyyy", then "account - zzzz" and so on. xxxx, yyyy, zzzz...
  8. S

    IDENIFY cell.value in row. Once found, CUT row, and paste into New Sheet

    Howdy Monday Excel Experts, I have an idea of how I need to organize the code, but there are facets of knowledge here that I'm not acquainted with and was hoping someone could help me out... Trying to identify a value in a particular range, once that value is found, i need to CUT the entire...
  9. S

    Find specific value, loop through rows and delete rows.

    Hey All, Hope you can help me with this code. When a user clicks a button, the routine is looking for the second highest value. In the next step the range is selected, color is set from red tot black, no strikethrough and cells are no longer locked. This works fine, the routine starts from cell...
  10. P

    Score Matching

    Hello! I've been trying and searching about it for hours and can't find a solution. I do have 2 sheets of information - one of them gives me a whole plan of scores - divided by category and results with a score for each possible result. The other gives me the information of the individuals. I...
  11. L

    get value from total and percentage

    OK, so I've googled and I can only find formulas for working out the percentage based on a total and a value where I need to work out the unknown value based on the percentage and the total for example, where the total and percentages are known but the value of the percentage is unknown...
  12. M

    Find Value in Range then copy that to a new worksheet Loop

    I have an excel spread sheet that has account information for users. There are multiple occurrences of a value in column B that say "Account Name:" and I need to copy the value that is next to it in Row D and paste it in Column A of a different worksheet in that workbook called Data. I need to...
  13. P

    Copying entire row when a value is present in a certain Column

    Hey guys, In my Workbook I have Multiple pages. I need to search "MasterWorks" Column "M" for a value specified by the user through a userform. And if the value is found It needs to copy the entire row to worksheet 2. There is also a possibility that the value will occur more then once, so I...
  14. M

    Help - Find value, copy range and move cells to different columns

    Hi I have a spreadsheet with approx 1000 lines of data which needs to be formatted. The lines number varies each week. I need to amend my macro so that it can capture/move the necessary data to the correct columns regardless of the number of rows. Column H contains subtotal headings (ie Total...
  15. M

    finding values and copying adjacent cell content onto a different sheet.

    Hello, I am not good at using vba, and I need help with a task if this is not too much trouble. This is my situation. I have two sheets, each with two columns, sheet 1 contains a code (column A) that corresponds to a task in Spanish (column B). Sheet 2 contains the code (column A) and the task...
  16. S

    [VBA] Find particular value in range

    Using Microsoft Excel 2007, VBA I am trying to display an error message if a range is missing '0' or '100', or is empty. I figured out how to display error when the selected range is empty, but I cannot figure out how to find if a particular value exists within a range and return an error if...
  17. B

    Modify a custom function

    hi, need help modifying this custom function. I need to find the nth occurrence of a word and when there isn't an nth occurrence for it to return no value. Right now this function will keep cycling through and delivering the same values. If there are 3 occurrences of the word "yes", when i ask...
  18. C

    Finding values from multiple worksheets Vlook up

    Hi, I'm trying to create a macro that finds values from multiple worksheets and pastes them into the colums. I have 1 worksheet with the name of the month and others worksheets with the name of the day. I need that the macro finds, for example, "Total M" on all of the worksheets and paste the...
  19. S

    Search/Find values in a column only if in date range recorded in different column

    Ok not sure if this is possible. I have a sheet and a userform that is used to track audits that employees complete. There are limits to what they can audit. A RTE or RAW type audit can not be duplicated in an 8 week rolling period. A Receiving type audit can be done a maximum of one time per...
  20. O

    Sum if a set of values is in a range

    Hi, I am trying to construct a formula that sums values in a range only if the heading of the column is in another range. <TABLE style="WIDTH: 192pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=256 border=0><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 48pt" span=4 width=64><TBODY><TR...

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