1. Nelson78

    VBA: Application.VLookup and, if found, offset

    Hello everybody. I'm struggling with the following job. Looking for a cell10 value in rng1, if the value is present, then overwrite cell10 with the value next to the left relating to the found value in rng1. Example: cell10 = "abc" If "abc" is present in rng1 (suppose in cell C27), then...
  2. T

    Error Handling When Find Command Doesn't Return a Result - VBA

    Hi All, Someone on this forum has kindly help me with a find command for some data that is variable. The problem I have now is if the code doesn't match a string it then errors. What I need is when the string is not found to display a Msgbox with an error then back to the user form. I've...
  3. R

    This code is used to rearrange some columns, but it’s not working properly?

    This code is used to rearrange some columns, but it’s notworking properly? Why is the following code working for the first worksheetbut not working for the second work sheet? It scrambles up the first header row. For i = 1 To ThisWorkbook.Sheets.Count Sheets(i).Activate With ActiveSheet...
  4. B

    Detect a comma in a text string

    I need to examine a content string and determine if there is a comma present. Seems like the easiest thing in the world, but I'm really stumped at the moment. I will add the formula I'm currently using in the code window, along with my results. It's the cell containing "1,000" that's giving...
  5. W

    Cosine similarity

    I am currently using CORREL and I would like to be able to calculate "cosine similarity". I have searched but not found anything on this message board.
  6. T

    SUMPRODUCT of values requiring two criteria to be met

    I have spent time looking at the forum and elsewhere to try finding the answer to my question, but have not had any luck. I have attempted to modify solutions found in various sources (including the forums here) but no matter what I try, I get a#VALUE! error. I’ve come close and can get results...
  7. D

    Get a row number from function

    Hi, I am using a worksheet function to get the minimum value in a column as below. There may be 1-n rows it is looking at. Is it possible to find which row that the minimum is found, as I would like to check the value in Column C of the same row? Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("D6").Value =...
  8. I

    Automatically update my pivot table when a cell value changes

    I need some help guys. Is it possible to have a VBA script that will automatically update the filters in my pivot table depending on the selections I make in P5, P6 and P7. I found a way of doing this with just one selection, but need it for multiple. File can be found here...
  9. B

    Insert Multiple Rows after Specific Text Using Vba

    Hi All, I'm trying to add 5 rows after the word "Aaron" is found in a sheet. I found the macro below but it only adds 1 row - how can I change this to add 5. Thanks, Aaron. Sub test() Dim iLastRow As Long Dim i As Long iLastRow = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row For i = iLastRow To 1 Step...
  10. P

    naming a range but i dont want it to gotoend of formula

    Hi Hope you can help and that this makes sense :) Below is a snippet of code i am using for an email, what this code does is copy information in my work issue sheet and copies over into the email. But in my work issue sheet in columns N to V i have formulas that go all the way down for example...
  11. L

    An infinite loop discussion

    G'day! I've designed an automation system which purely runs in vBA to 21 roll formers in our factory (mainly) thanks to each of you for helping along the way! However - I've hit which I believe to be a snag. I run an ENDLESS loop - infinite loop. Checking if (batch complete) - "1" is found...
  12. L

    custom number formatting

    Hi I want to write a code to format numbers like the following <tbody> number appears in excel 1200 1,2 K 1599 1,599 k </tbody> I found this code #,##0, but did work as expected. Thank you very much.
  13. K

    Need VBA Code for Inventory Sheet

    Hello all. This is my first port here and I am hoping you can help. I am writing an inventory sheet for my company to track some serialized items. In this sheet, I need to include a tracking page for every item sold (easy, I've done that part), as well as a sheet to track voided...
  14. M

    Power Pivot Files Corrupt - Module Not Found

    I have a problem with .xlsm files with Power Pivots in them "going corrupt". After working in a file and saving it, the next time I open it I often get a "Module Not Found" error. Then a "Can't find project or library" message when I "touch" anywhere inside the spreadsheet. That is a signal...
  15. B

    VLOOKUP combined with OR - help!

    Hi i have a huge problem, i am using LOOKUP to look up a whether a value is found in a table The setup is a lookup in [@[From adress]] to check whether the value is found in Table10, which works fine. However when i add the FALSE value to lookup in in [@[To adress]] to check if the value is...
  16. D

    VBA to check if value in column exists and if not paste

    HI All Been looking all morning for this, and found a few things that I thought should work but not getting the outcome I want or how to amend it to suit perfectly. We have a call log sheet that is received daily working on complaints. These are then amended to include any additional comments...
  17. L

    COUNTIF would solve this? Tricky one.

    G'day, Another tricky one in my mind. I have 100 jobs multiple lines per job with the same JOBID found in column A starting in A2. I also have a description of material in Column W. Starting at W2. What I need to do is if the BLOCK is the same job ID (column a) and "Ridge300" is found in...
  18. M

    Get Address of Cell where Match was found

    Good afternoon! I'm attempting to create a formula that will tell me the location where specific data was found. The issue: There are 52 worksheets, and data can be found on more than 1 sheet. So far, I have been successful in Counting the number of times the specific data was found using...
  19. N

    Non-Excel Question: List of all items in a house

    Hey All! I have a weird request, and please delete/move if not allowed. I am about to build an excel sheet that will contain a list of all common items found in a house/garage/shed. This will then feed into another sheet where a team member can answer a few questions and it will pull the...

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