1. D

    Restrict Number of Keywords per Key

    Hi, I have the following table and my goal is to have to restrict the number of keywords per key to 3. For every key containing more than 3 keywords, I want to delete every keyword after the third one...
  2. S

    VBA to Highlight Rows that Contain Any Keywords in Lookup Table

    Hi all, I've scoured the internet for a solution and have tried coming up with a solution myself, but I'm just not proficient enough with VBA to be able to do it (and all of the solutions that I could find online involved a popup input box to manually enter keywords each time). I'm trying to...
  3. J

    VBA searching for text and entering a value if true

    Hello, My worksheet has a couple hundred columns and 20k rows. My task is to search for specific keywords in the text within each cell within each row and then write in "yes" or "no" if there is a match in the first column of each row. For example: searching for "dog", "cat", or "horse' in...
  4. S

    Excel VBA to extract 2 or 3 keywords left and right from cell content

    Hi Friends, Trying to extract 2 or 3 keywords from cell content through excel vba. Sheet1 ColumnA has rows with content sample file attached. I need vba to search for keywords from sheet2 ColumnA in Sheet1 and extract 2 or 3 or 4 keywords from each row content into sheet3.(Popup box would be...
  5. J

    Duplicates between 2 rows

    Hello everyone! I have something I am working on but its driving me a little bats at the moment and I am hoping someone can help. I have a spreadsheet with two columns. Each column has a list of keywords in it. I am trying to compare column 2 against column 1 and place the unique keywords into...
  6. D

    Search and Count Key Instances

    Hello, I have a table with a list of Keywords. I also have a list of Item Descriptions. I am trying to figure out how to count the number of times any of the keywords from the list are mentioned in each item description. For random example: <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K L M N...
  7. R

    Returning Text Templates with Keywords

    Hi everyone, We create a lot of letters for clients and often find ourselves writing out much the same thing from scratch. I'm looking for a way to paste the text from the letters I write into a database spreadsheet, let's say column A, and characterise them with, say, up to 10 relevant...
  8. J

    How can I place a search box in my spreadsheet that searches a range of cells containing comma separated keywords?

    The question is in the title, but I've attached a screenshot\edit to sort of get at what I'm trying to do. Let me know if you need any clarification on what I'm trying to accomplish!
  9. I

    Search for multiple text strings simultaneously in a single cell through VBA code

    Hi, i have a sheet where i need to find the keywords from a list of keywords in each cell into a particular column. What I want to do, though, if look for a long list of keywords simultaneously, and if ANY of those keywords are present, have it return that "keyword". So what I want it to do is...
  10. K

    Excel formula to assign categories IDs based on text keyword searches

    I have a spreadsheet with 200k+ books/descriptions/etc, and I'm looking for a way to search in each full row (A-x) for keywords (sheet2, column a, not case-sensitive) within the text, and when it finds those keywords, it assigns a unique category ID (sheet2 column b) to each row for each match...
  11. B

    Vba apply custom filter for more than 2 keywords

    Hi all, I'm trying to write a macro that will filter a database to show rows that only contain certain keywords. I used the macro recorder to recorded a custom filter but have been unable to adapt it for more keywords. Below is the recorded code. Any ideas on how I can get it to filter more...
  12. W

    Searching a database with keywords, filtering as you type

    Hi all, Im starting to build a database workbook for our machine shop that has items we order from different vendors/type of product/cost of product/item number ETC.. This will end up having many entries in it. In very simple terms i want to search thru this list with a "Search box" that will...
  13. F

    Urgent help. Need vlookup forumla

    I have 2 files. FileA contains the item names. FileB contains a list of keywords. I need a formula that I can use on FileA on the second column that will scan all the keywords listed in FileB and put "1" if it matches and 0 if it doesn't match. I really need help on this. I need it for work...
  14. Welsh Mark3

    Is there any way of identify similarities between two cells

    For example the 2 cells below - Is there a formula that can be used to create a likeness %, Row 1 I would say is a match as they contain keywords, row 2 is not a match as there is no similarity I am open to all recommendations <tbody> BECKER MATT MATTHEW BECKER CONSTRUCTION, LLC </tbody>...
  15. R

    how can I count number of hits in a cell from a keyword list ?

    I was able to obtain TRUE or FALSE from multiple keywords using: =OR(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(H$5:H$12,D5))) but how can I return the # of hits? Thanks for your assistance!
  16. W

    Excel - Large List with keywords. Search in a cell to see if contains keyword and if yes return keyword that is found.

    I have a range of Keywords (named range Devices) its a somewhat large list 586 lines (it will grow over time). I have on another worksheet a large amount of data will grow to about 100,000+ lines by end of year. I want to search to see if cell A2 in this worksheet contains one of the keywords...
  17. X

    Referral Macro

    I need help with writing a macro that will take a list of keyword criteria and group referrals into groups, this group name should be appended at the end of the data table. The macro should be customizable, to easily add keywords for a referral group and to add additional referral groups. Step...
  18. M

    Copy cell, if content matches certain keywords in Google Sheets

    I need to copy the value of a cell if the contents contain a keyword from a list in a Sheet I have. You can see an example and make a copy here So if the news story listed in "RSS News Feed"...
  19. M

    COUNTIFS multiple criteria, non-mutually exclusive

    I'm trying to determine a unique number of occurences for particular keywords in a string as follows: <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> sport=formula-one&utm_source=INTERNAL&utm_medium=LINK&utm_content=MOTORSPORT-EDITORIAL-LINK&utm_campaign=ACQUISITION </tbody> I want to count the cells that...
  20. D

    search for multiple keywords in a cell and return positive resuly when ALL are present

    I'm creating a quiz sheet in excel where the user inputs their answer into a cell. (i.e Cell F5) The idea is that if they enter their answer into the answer cell the cell in the next column of that row will show a 'Tick' (uppercase P in windings font) if the answer is corect. At all other...

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