1. R

    PowerPoint - Pasting text changes the language to "English (United States)"

    Hi all, I'm preparing a presentation and have written a lot in Word (with a couple of bits from ChatGPT). Whenever I paste the info into PowerPoint it changes the language of the text box from "English (United Kingdom)" to "English (United States)". This happens when I paste from anywhere...
  2. H

    Create fill-in-the-blank Japanese sentences using Excel. Hi there, The macro above works fantastic for English text, but I am unable to get this to work with Japanese text. I am hoping this macro may also be used for French text. The desired output would look...
  3. R

    Value error Today function

    Hi, I have this formula: =(PROPER(TEXT(TODAY();"[$-809] ddd d/mm/jj"))) which is initially a Dutch language formula (hence the "jj" and the ";"), but I wanted to return the days in English so I added the locale code 809. The formula works perfectly on my work computer (Excel 2016 32-bit) but...
  4. W

    What language are Excel formulas written in?

    Hi there, What language are Excel formulas/functions written in? I refer to the formula bar, rather than the VBA. I guess this language must have some sort of a name. Thanks.
  5. K

    Change Office display language with VBA

    Hi Guys, Small issue yet annoying: I use Excel/VBA in different languages and I'd like a solution where I run a VBA code and display language updates automatically (let's say from English to German). I'm talking about this setting in Excel: I assume it can be done with some API or editing...
  6. A

    Translate function VBA

    Hi all, After trying various VBA scripts I am stuck as none of them worked. I am looking for a VBA function which will allow me to translate a cell and output translation to another cell. So for example if cell A1 had some text in Dutch, then if the function was used in B1 to translate to...
  7. Y

    Userform UI Language Customization

    I have some userforms created in English, how do I code it such that using an option button, I can switch / change all the text to another language?
  8. S

    Search a table and return rows based on criteria of 2 cells

    Hello! I'm looking to search a table like the the one below. In a separate sheet in the workbook, I'd like to have the "Subject" as multiple columns and list underneath it all of the titles that match the subject and have the language in english. I tried working a combination of index and match...
  9. F

    building a traslator for the ancient language(eragon)

    hi i am working on a traslator for the ancient language from eragon i curently have a dictionary of 2530~ words and have created a version that works but you have to tell it the grammer of the word and it ignores sentence structure is there any one out there who has any idea how to convert...
  10. Larry Haydn

    Excel Version Compatibility Issues in VBA

    I developed an Excel VBA application on my Windows 10 Office 365 platform. My client is using Windows 8, Office 2016. Additional info: their PC language is English, with Japanese as a secondary language. My application crashed on their system. Symptoms: A formula...
  11. A

    VBA runtime error 5 with get Language

    Dear Freidns, I want to get the language code of the running Excel of the user. So I put this code: Sub scheisstest() Dim LNG_USERLANGUAGE As Long LNG_USERLANGUAGE = Application.LanguageSettings.LanguageID(msoLanguageIDUI) 'Worksheets("UI").Cells(45, 1).Value = LNG_USERLANGUAGE End Sub...
  12. A

    VBA - Mixed formats in column

    Dear Friends, I have a problem with a sheet: I have an extract from SAP made by my VBA. In the extract all columns are fine expect one column which is for quantities. If the vba opens the file, this column is already broken (please find attached example file). Only some cells are still...
  13. Jaafar Tribak

    "Cell" function accross Languages (No VBA)

    Hi dear members, I have this formula in a cell to return the name of the sheet where the cell containing the formula is located : =RIGHT(CELL("filename"),LEN(CELL("filename"))-SEARCH("]",CELL("filename"),1)) Now, if I open the workbook in an edition of excel other than English, the formula...
  14. K

    UI ribbon - can a macro change label after the ribbon is loaded?

    Hi, I have created an Excel template with a ui ribbon where user can select the language for the template in a dropdown. The language selection changes all titles and sheetnames accordingly but is there a way to change the labels of the ribbon groups, buttons, etc. as well so that a user...
  15. P

    Next Language for a Userform?

    I have been working within my company creating UserForms on excel for multiple different inputs and outputs. I'm getting the stage where I feel comfortable to move forward and create an actual program outside of excel. However, I am unsure of the best language for this. Currently I build...
  16. J

    Automatically update of secondary cell entry in cascading dropdown menu

    Hello, I have a list of price in 2 languages : French (FR) en English (ENG). Here is a model : <tbody> Please select a language Dropdown list 1 (choice : 'FR' or 'ENG') </tbody> <tbody> Object 1 50 Eur Object 2 100 Eur Dropdown list 2 (choice : 'maison' or 'avion' in FR / 'house' or...
  17. W

    Importing Text from XML to cell/Userform Textboxes

    Hi. I've got a excel program that i want to add 2 buttons, to choose which language the user want to use, so much question is this: Is it possible to add text in a xml file, and when i press language button "x" or "y", it loads the xml file for the correct language, and imports all cell names...
  18. T

    Using ArrayFormula with Spreadsheet Attached to Google Form Does Not Always Yield Correct Result

    I have a spreadsheet that needs to do X, Y, or Z (which are all various sums of columns of numbers) depending upon two variables: If A=5 and B<>0, then do X. If A=6 and B=0, then do Y. Else, do Z. I have a formula that works correctly without using ArrayFormula: =int(if(and(E2="5 courses each...
  19. D

    Change language only for Excel

    Hello there, I would like to set the display language for Excel to English (so I can write the formulas in English) but I would like to keep the other Microsoft Office programmes (Word and PowerPoint) in German. It looks like the Excel-language-options are bound to the Office-language-options...
  20. S

    Using VBA in other language excel file

    I am making an add-in and my excel has english settings, but my colleague has dutch settings in his excel. This is mostly not a problem, except for some worksheetfunctions I use: rounddown, min, max, averageif. Does any of you have a solution how to deal with this? Or are there any good...

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