1. T

    Can you have 2 pivot tables with the same data source that are not linked to each other.

    I have a pivot table. I then made a second pivot table (using Insert|Pivottable) based on the identical data range. I want them to be "completely independent" views of the same source data. But, when i do certain things in the second pivot table, changes are made to the first pivot table...
  2. D

    Save changes prompt upon closing file

    Why does Excel prompt to save changes when closing a file if no changes have been made? In fact, it doesn't do so consistently with all files, but I do have one file that even if I open it and them immediately close it without doing a thing, it still prompts me that changes have been made...
  3. V

    Slow recalculation of workbook

    Hi, I have problem with my workbook, I solved first issue with user defined functions, but now I have very slow workbook, with small amount of data (comparing other workbooks I made), can somebody help me? reference to my last thread...
  4. M

    Linking two values, then to be able to change one to see how the other is affected

    Hi there, I’ve been struggling to figure this out, and I’d appreciate any help. I have a very basic table. One column is the name of products, the second column how many were sold, and the third column how much money was made off those sales. I’d like to set up away to link the two values...
  5. M

    VBA get target sum from the grid of 7*9

    Hello, I need a macro that allow me to create target sum from the grid of 7 columns and 9 rows...using technique picking a one number from each columns and making all possible targets sum can be made in the "as per specified sum target in the column S" Example below shows only one set of...
  6. R

    Will a converted excel workbook work as well as a new one?

    I have a large excel workbook that was made with excel 2003. I am now using Excel 2016. If I "convert" the old worbook to the new 2016 format, is there any downside? (It seems to work fine, but will it work as well with no lags, or issues, when compared to if I made a "new" workbook with...
  7. A

    Counting dates available

    Hi, I've been trying to use an already in use sheet and adapt it. Basically, it has the week beginning date in the top row for the year, with staff names in the first column. The rows are coloured various colours if they're busy, and are blank if they're free. I want to have a list of names...
  8. S

    Using a cell ref. from =address in an array formula

    Hi - I am trying to do a nested iferror/index/match/countif array formula - my formula works - but when I use a reference made from =address, I can't get it to work. The =address reference is the max point for searching in my formula - it would be repeated a few times. any ideas? just a...
  9. W

    excel hyperlink issue

    I created a monster. I have a workbook that isbeing used as an index of all our documents. Each row represents one document and each row is made up of several columns. Each row has a hyperlink that spans the entire number of columns . The hyperlink is to a scanned document on the network. They...
  10. xeven_

    Can a excel formula be made for this equation?

    I may as well be reading Chinese as my math doesn’t yet extend this far. Please excuse me I am just an aspirant practitioner. Can an excel formula be made to solve given values/variables for this equation? Thanks in advance. :confused:;)
  11. E

    Resetting a drop drown

    Hey everyone, I have a button which clears all of the drop downs on my sheet ("Sheet1"). I would like to have the button also set the first drop to go to a blank option, which I already have made. Is there a way to make the drop down select it? Thanks in advance.
  12. R

    Calculate specific column with VBA

    Hi all I want to calculate only column B whenever a change is made in column A. Thank you!
  13. T

    Help with this code

    Guys, Please can someone have a look at the below code. It essentially looks at 12 different tables and removes anything that is not "1st Attempt Made" in column D. Its doesn't seem to work all the time and sometimes leaves 'New Calls', '2nd attempt made; etc in some of the tables. Sorry if...
  14. T

    Help with Macro - Delete all except criteria

    Hi Guys, Could someone help me with the below. I have recorded this Macro but i need to adapt it so it filters and deletes all rather than look at specific rows. I essentially want to select 6 worksheets in total, filter by column D and delete anything that does not show 'New Calls' Thanks...
  15. S

    Few Details required of Individual's Name with Range Address

    Hi I would like to get the range Address of Each Individual Name against payment made to them and received from them and few other details from each individual name. All the names are in column B if you see below For eg if I type Kate in txtName.Text to get the range Address ie A15:D23 in...
  16. D

    Cell referencing text shows zero

    Hi All, I'm referencing a cell on another tab by typing in the equal sign and then navigating to the referenced cell and clicking on it. The cell that I'm referencing has general number formatting but contains text. The cell that I have made equal to that text cell is showing a zero and not the...
  17. N

    VBA to copy columns to new sheet with new order and two or more criteria

    Hello, everyone This is my first post here and I have a question I apologize in advance for my bad English My girlfriend has a home for elderly people and I want to simplify her work I have an Excel workbook in which I have made several documents and two lists of people who are housed in...
  18. J

    Auto Calculate - VBA

    does anyone know the VBA code to recalculate a sheet when a change to a drop down is made? i have a huge amount of calculations in other worksheets so dont want to turn on the automatic workbook calculation. I need one sheet to auto calculate though when a change is made to the drop down.
  19. C

    Paycheck calculator (nys)

    I am not a "tax expert" but I want to be able to figure out my own paycheck; kind of a check and balance to make sure no mistakes are made. Anyone already have a template??? As always, THANK YOU!!!
  20. JenniferMurphy

    VBA Editor doesn't warn about unsaved changes on exit

    I thought I had made some changes to a UDF, but when I opened up the VBA editor today, the changes were gone. So I ran a little test. I made a simple change to some code, then closed the editor and then Excel. I did not get any warn about unsaved changes or any offer to save them. When I...

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