1. soadfan

    [Q]How to save table design/template and use it across multiple files?

    Hello there, i'd like to use the custom design i made for my table in all excel files? Illustrative screenshot from PERSONAL.XLSB:
  2. W

    Expression-error:The Time-value shall include the component Time in Power Query

    In Excel I have made a form for calculate the Christian holidays like this: =IF(OR[DATE]=IF([YEAR]<>2079,ROUNDDOWN(DATE([YEAR],5,DAY(MINUTE([YEAR]/38/)/2+56)),7)-34,ROUNDDOWN(DATE([YEAR],5,DAY(MINUTE([YEAR]/38)/2+57)),7)-34,"TRUE", "") When creating a new column [HOLIDAYS] in Power Query I...
  3. P

    Zero in pivot table summing ?

    Morning all, I have checked what I think are all the obvious things to check but when putting 2 fields into the values are I get by default is counting them, so when I amend to sum it stays as zero I have made sure all the numbers in the 2 fields are in fact numbers and not text I...
  4. S

    VBA warning message when specific drop down selection is made

    Hi,would the following be possible with VBA...I would like a warning message to pop up when a particular selection is made from a drop down list in a worksheet, or in a specific range if it must. However, I want the message to pop up only the first time that selection is made, so suppressed...
  5. Z

    Urgent help needed - losing my mind.

    Hiya I've attached a picture for reference. I'm currently at work and have been trying to figure this out for hours. So my task is to figure out which person made how many of each mistake. As you can see to right I can easily find out how many mistakes total were made by each person, but now I'm...
  6. M

    VBA add current date and username when edits are made

    Hi, I found the below code to add the current date to an adjacent column when an edit is made. Note that this code is meant to apply to the worksheet, which might complicate my bonus question. I'd like to modify it to do the following: 1. Add the date to Column L of the edit row regardless of...
  7. S

    Multi variable optimization through solver

    Hello everyone I am new to this group as well as working on excel marcos. I have made spread sheet where there are two equations (Q1=m1*c*dT and Q2=m2*c*dT) that needs to be balanced (Q1 =Q2) to get such a value of m1 (that utlimately L coming from m1 is same for both m1 and m2). I have made...
  8. S

    Merged Cells and Filters

    Hi all any suggestions appreciated here... Okay - to keep it simple, what I effectively have is a spread sheet with two columns: (A) - the first column is made up of merged cells, three cells in each (i.e. A1 is made up of A1, A2, A3; A4 is made up of A$, A5, A6 etc) (B) - this column has...
  9. S

    how to hide buttons that are added in another macro

    Hello So I have a macro that adds a sheet, formats it, adds the formula, and adds buttons (calling other macros). There are 7 buttons made for each sheet made- so I'd like to know how to hide two of the buttons when the sheet is first made (I presume for the button itself, when it's made I just...
  10. M

    VBA how much permutation can be made using 3-digit with 0, 1 & 2

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> I want to know is there any formula, which can count permutation can be made using 3-digit with 0, 1 & 2 </SPAN></SPAN> And a VBA, which can make all possible permutation, using 3-digit with 0, 1 & 2 using 7 cells with in the row which row sum must be =...
  11. T

    Track last username in a column if cells within a range were modified/changed

    Hi All, I've been spinning my wheels on this and couldn't find any useful sources to help me with the following. I have a spreadsheet that is shared among of group of people and there are always mistakes that happen within the file. Thus, I want to identify who the last end user was, who...
  12. A

    Software to use older Excel and other Office software commands in the newer versions?

    I remember seeing a company that made this add-in for Office, but I can't seem to find it now.
  13. K

    Pivot table help!

    I am having to refresh a pivot table and whenever I do that the month disappears. Please help! I’m working off a pivot someone else made and am having issues figuring out what’s connected to what.
  14. gheyman

    Access: Restablish a Linked Table

    At work I have a database that has one Linked table (and several others that are not linked). I wanted to work on the database at home, so I had to brake the Link to the one table. (I did not change anything in the table I am refereeing to. I made changes to forms....) Now I need to make that...
  15. A

    Looking for ComboBox Masters!! Please

    I have ran into many road blocks trying to figure out how to combobox while keeping my original (pre-combobox) settings. First off let me explain why I am using combobox, the document I have made, there are complaints about the dropdown lists being too small (Font size). I have tried the zoom...
  16. D

    Assigning dictionary data to an array...

    Greetings to all, When using an Excel dictionary, and when using either the .Items or the .Keys methods to assign the dictionary's items or keys to an array, will the array always be cleared of any existing data before the assignment is made? I'm working on a program which loops through data...
  17. N

    Data Transer in another Sheets

    in sheet 1 Range A2 To A6 contins Student name lke <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> STUDENT NAME Kalpesh Patel Amit Shah Vipul Rathod Jigar Patel Hitesh Doshi </tbody> i wish to this data add in sheet2 range A2. and every time data add in last blank row in sheet2. this is made...
  18. N

    Restrict Editing

    How to restrict editing in filled cell? i.e. lock cell in which entry already made.
  19. R

    VBA: This works but is there a cleaner way?

    Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Range("e3:e522").Calculate ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Multi Build").Calculate Range("am3:am100").Calculate ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Distro").Calculate End Sub I'm calculating 1 sheet when changes are made in a range and I am also calculating another...
  20. R

    VBA calculate cell range on change

    Hi All, I have a worksheet that calculates manually. I need to calculate only a range of cells when there is a change made in the same range with vba. Your help is greatly appreciated! Russ

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