1. L

    Filtering a Calculated Measure From Another Table

    Hi All, My brain is fried again. I have scenario where I have to calculate various stats between two sets of data. The only thing common between the two data sets are the Calendar Weeks and the Supplier Numbers. So I have two tables: Table 1 has all of the supplier claims quantities by...
  2. M

    Compare and count similarities 2 measures

    Hi Guys, I cant get this done and some help would be awesome. I've got 2 measures. 1st measure calculates count of ID's based on certain filters 2nd measure does the same I want to know if there are same ID's in both measures and count the similarities. I already tried to do something...
  3. C

    DAX Subtotals Profit and Loss statement

    I'm using the following method from Imke to produce a nicely formatted pivot table in Excel: However, I am building on this to produce projected numbers. For each reporting heading the...
  4. N

    Dynamic slicer

    I wish to create a measure, so I can dynamically populate a slicer, but the slicers don't accept a measure as input, so I don't know what to do. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. S

    Refresh just one DAX measure based on a cell change

    Hello all, I'm looking for a way to refresh a DAX measure not the whole workbook. When I change a value in a cell. So if I change let's say the date in a cell I want a specific measure to be updated. Otherwise refreshing the whole workbook takes may staff 20 minutes. When I can go direct to...
  6. S

    DAX measure produces more than TOP 15. Slicer issue?

    Hi, I'm having an issue with a DAX formula limited to TOP!%. But produces more that 15 lines. Could it be because I have a filter on the PIVOT TABLE for location. But need to add it to the measure? tblLocation.Loc# The measure below should provide me with the TOP 15 Brands sold for the day...
  7. S

    "Add Measure" Isn't Coming Up (even after I select "Add Data to Data Model")

    I am trying to have texts in a value field in a pivot table, and my understanding is that creating a Measure (concatenating the text) is the best way to do so. However, I am unable to create a measure when I am in the Pivot Table, as even after I select "Add Data to Data Model" when creating the...
  8. B

    Convert DAX Calculated Column to a Measure

    Trying to convert a DAX Calculated Column to a Measure with no luck. Any ideas? See below and attached. Thanks. =CALCULATE ( DISTINCTCOUNT ( Table1[Patient ID] ), FILTER ( Table1, Table1[TotalTime] > Legend[Start] && Table1[TotalTime] <= Legend[End] ) )...
  9. C

    Measure formula to count upcoming days

    Hello there. I found a measure formula to display only dates before today. Is there a way to count only dates occurring in the next 30 days? The first formula was added a measure to a visualization so i suspect I would need to add another measure to the same visualization to show the next 30...
  10. O

    Pivot Table Calculated Fields

    My source data is in Power Pivot, pulled directly via SQL, and I have measures that calculate over 20 days, 10 - 20 days or under 10 days. These are based on a calculated column that categorises each line accordingly (from a Task age column). I want to create a pivot table that shows max task...
  11. E

    Change Data Structure

    Hello, I was looking to do a Power Bi but the excel file that I am using has data in an unfriendly way for Power Bi Current data structure <tbody> 2014 2015 2016 Measure #1 1 2 3 Measure #2 2 4 6 Measure #3 3 6 9 </tbody> Desired Structure <tbody> Year...
  12. D

    Equivalent of DATESBETWEEN(LASTDATE... ?

    This query pertains to Power Pivot in Excel 2016. I have a table containing every annual contract, past and present, which includes contract end dates and amounts. (I also have two separate related tables, one for client and one for calendar.) I'm trying to write a measure for a pivot table...
  13. W

    Subtotals show grand total

    Trying to create a measure that an end user could grab and not have to worry about filtering to get the numbers narrowed down appropriately. Sum of gl transactions measure below. Works, but end users would have to know how to manipulate the filters on Acct Fin Class Code, Acct Prop Class...
  14. A

    Calculating with measure in calculated column

    I have prepared a measure that returns a certain rate determined to be calculated only within a certain part. But then when I call this measure, only blank is returned, even though the measure shows a number. I have prepared a condensed example Power Pivot model that explains what needs to be...
  15. M

    Creating measure selecting latest date and time

    Hi there, Im looking for help to write the correct measure to pick the price based on the latest date and time. A simplified version of my data set looks like this : <tbody> ID Price Time 21 15,2 21.05.2019 10:00 21 15,9 21.05.2019 10:10 21 15,5 21.05.2019 10:20 21 14,7 20.05.2019...
  16. B

    Trying to find worst and best measures from a list containing duplicates

    I am trying to do something that should be simple, by my brain is having a dumb block. I have a table of sites showing their ranking for various performance measures. I just want to create a list showing which is their best and worst measures, but I'm getting confused where they may be the same...
  17. MFish

    Can't figure it out.. Duplicating a userform

    Hi there, I'm sure there is a way of duplicating a userform. How do you do this? I just need to make three userforms, all EXACTLY alike. I don't want to take the time to measure it all out and place the buttons all the same. Thanks.
  18. A

    Can you use a Column from an SQL Server Table as a range within a formula?

    Hi, I am linking power pivot to a table of 220 million rows. I want to find the first time an ID appears in the data set. In doing so I would like to create a new measure by using the following formula: =N(countifs(Adrian_data[DeviceID],Adrian_data[DeviceID])=1)). The problem I am having is how...
  19. S

    Power Pivot Table fields not refreshing

    Is there a finite number of measures that can be created in Powerpivot? I have numerous measures; after refreshing all; some measures disappear from the table fields. I've tried searching by name under the ALL tab. They are simply gone. I can see the measure in the Powerpivot Manage...
  20. D

    Relative Period Filter

    Hi All, I am using a disconnected copy of my Date table as a filter in a measure. The user selects a FinancialPeriod from the disconnected table and the measure is shown in a table with rows of FinancialPeriod from the original Date table. The purpose of the measure is a kind of 'Where are...

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