1. P

    PowePivot - Create a slicer of a measure or calculate values from one table using filter from another table

    Hello, I've been struggling quiet a lot with this issue and been looking high and low but I'm not able to find any answer. Hopefully some master can help me solve this issue! I have two table, lets call them Table1 and Table 2 in Power Pivot. They have relation to each other through Column...
  2. B

    Filter Power Pivot by the result of a measure

    Hello, I have a Power Pivot table (see below) that shows the emails reply rate (number treated/number received) for the employees of a company, If they replied to at least 80 % of the emails. the target is reached (YES). I have created a calculated column that show for each person, service and...
  3. S

    Use Actuals values in months available otherwise use Forecast

    Hi, I'm having difficulty writing a measure that will for each month only pull through actuals values if there are any actuals values otherwise it should pull through the forecast values. So say a company is 4 months through its Fiscal Year it would show 4 months of actuals then the 8 months of...
  4. B

    Measure Total Issues

    Hi, I'm having issues trying to get totals to appear for one of my measures. Below is the table I'm creating and I've highlighted the issue I'm having. Below that is the meaures I've created. Any help would be appreciated. Lost Check 1 = ([FX Renewable Income (CY)]=0 && [FX Renewable Premium...
  5. A

    Power Pivot Table Does not count rows with blank adjacent columns

    Hi all, I have this data, where all the rows with "Response" as "Distributed" have only blank cells next to it: RoleExperienceResponseIndexDistributed1Engineer≤ 10 YearsComplete2Engineer≤ 10 YearsComplete3Technician> 10 YearsComplete4Technician≤ 10 YearsComplete5Engineer≤ 10...
  6. A

    Get Maximum of Value Field in Pivot Table

    Hi All, I am trying to do the following, please let me know if this is possible: I have a "Value Field" called Count of Value_Proficiency which simply counts the occurrence of each Row Label I would like to create a new "Measure" having Max of Count of Value_Proficiency repeated for all Row...
  7. D

    Using iterators where there are duplicate values

    Hi, I've been doing a bit of experimenting, so I have a simple measure ; SUM(Tsales [Units] ) Whichi I have then wrapped in a AVERAGEX and SUMX , its only a two column table Item and unit and I made sure I had duplicate values, which as it's tiny it is easy to see how the duplicates are...
  8. D

    DAX AverageX

    Hi, I'm having a problem understanding what I'm doing wrong; I have a measure for Revenue; < SUMX(fTransactions, fTransactions[UnitsSold]*(1- fTransactions[Discount])*RELATED(dProduct[RetailPrice]) )...
  9. D

    Power bi measure

    Hello, I've been writing a few measures for power pivot, but am trying to get more familiar with the bi environment, and I don't know if I'm being really sturpid, but how do I look at the syntax for a measure already created in power bi, in pivot I just go to power pivot manage, and there they...
  10. Z

    Calculate the attrition for new hired (<= 6 months of hired date)

    Hi, I need to calculate the voluntary attrition for employees who left the company within less than or equal to 6 months of their hire date. How would I accomplish this? I have below fields and tables: - Attrition Table that has below fields: - Employee ID - Hire Date - Term Date - Term...
  11. C

    Comparing fact table value to an earlier value in same table

    I am trying to create a measure that will show how many members our group has gained or lost since our last month. The data source is a spreadsheet exported from our membership software once a month, with rows for member ID, member status, and a couple of other columns. I have transformed that...
  12. M

    Doing SUMIFS in Power BI

    Hello All, I have been trying to replicate excel Sumifs in Power BI without much luck. I have below excel data and a summarised table. The Table on the right in excel is essentially doing sumifs based on filter selection. For e.g. Sum of Volume for Customer =Cust 1, Product=Hat 1, Plan =A...
  13. J

    DAX Help - Latest Value

    Hi I am looking for help with a DAX Measure. I have a list of milestones that might change each month. I am looking to do two things. - Return the latest status value of the milestone, - Count the number that match that status value, many are now Green, Amber, etc. My data looks a...
  14. S

    Help with a cross tables measures

    Hi Guys, I have a corporate powerbi with a size limit, so I want to create a measure and not add another column to take up space. I have 3 tables MasterData, CBO (custoemer Backorders) & OnOrder (Supplier on order( all tables are linked to the Masterdata as the primary link and there are no...
  15. T

    Using Filter (or similar) with ConcatenateEx on Text Values

    I have the following dax measure in the value area of a pivot table to return a concatenated list of unique values from a table: =CONCATENATEX( Values( Table1[Column2] ), Table1[Column2],", " ) There are instances where 0 is returned as the value because no corresponding values...
  16. tbablue

    PowerPivot - New measure - calculate based on two criteria

    Hi Forum, Quite straightforward I'm sure - but I'm new to measures in PowerPivot. I have three columns; Definitive Name, Yr.Mnth & Employee FTE. The table name is 'Summary Query'. I need a measure that will calculate Employee FTE based on the number of times that 'Definitive Name' appears in...
  17. F

    Calculated measure in Pivot Table

    Hi! I´ve been trying to get a measure in my pivot table to get the % of reject orders of a partner / Total order order of partner, and that it can change if I use a slicer to change it by day, month, etc. This is an example of the data table which I use: And this is the pivot table which I...
  18. G

    Power BI - Changing Value For Reports Based on Month/Year

    Hi Everyone, In example below we see John Doe recently changed managers. We know John changed managers on March 1st of this year. Normally the easiest way to input this change would be to simply go into our excel file that is being used as the source for the dataflow and change the manager’s...
  19. A

    Measure prevents fields from being selected, and viceversa.

    Hi. I have a weird problem. If I add a measure to the values, it prevents me from selecting fields. If I add fields, Excel will not allow me to add the measure to values. And the weirdest thing is that it was working, and then said the original pivot table could not connect and became unusable...
  20. N

    Return List of Customers only if Slicer Conditions are Met

    I am NEW to Power BI and DAX. I am trying to write a measure and place it in a matrix that filters a list of customers based upon selected dates within a slicer (a customer must be a customer in ALL dates selected). For example, if I have five customers, and I select the dates 01/01/2020...

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