multiple conditions

  1. H

    Delete Rows based on multiple conditions

    Hi I have a table with 3 columns - col_id, col_id2&Col_point. I have sorted the data for col_id2 and then col_id. col_id2 has same values for multiple lines and within the same values, col_id has unique values with value 1 common across different col_id2 values. Problem statement. I want to...
  2. GimpyHand

    Sum with 2 Conditions Formula

    Hey, I've been struggling with creating a formula to sum a column based on 2 conditions. I need to match the contents of 2 columns AND match the contents of another column against text in another column. Details: SUM Column C IF Column E value is found in Column B AND the text in Column A is...
  3. S

    IF Statements for Dates with VLOOKUP and Concatenate

    I am still a newbie to most Excel functions. I have created a workbook with IF Statements, VLOOKUPs, Concatenates, and VBA Codes. However, due to an annual rate increase, I need to create a complex IF Statement for just this month and I can't quite wrap my head around how to do it. Currently...
  4. A

    VBA Code for upcoming deadline pop-up - message to show info from 2 other columns plus # of days until deadline

    I am a complete VBA novice and searched this forum to solve my issue but I still can't figure it out. I have a workbook with 3 worksheets and need a pop-up when opening the workbook. All the info for the pop-up will be derived from the 1st sheet which is named "OpenCases" Here is a screenshot...
  5. SanjayGMusafir

    How to shorten formula for multiple OR conditions

    Hi Experts I have this formula that tests multiple OR conditions to give result. Can we shorten this formula? Where we don't need to repeatedly write [@Refer] or If we can make a list and formula may check that list to test OR condition? I believe I saw someone using a shorter way to write...
  6. I

    How to allow multiple options to select in a cell?

    Hi, there are many rows in my worksheet. For all cells in one column of this worksheet, I want that user can enter multiple options from a list. How can that be done? For e.g. I have 10 rows, and each cell from A1 to A10 represents a person. Then, there is a list of items that a person can...
  7. B

    Check if cell input matches another cell input from list

    I'm new to coding with excel vba, but i have an excel map with a list of superiors and a list of potential successor. Now i got the task to create an excel map where you can put in the position of a superior into an Input Box and it should automatically show you the successors that fit based on...
  8. DrMrsStark

    Formula to search range by two criteria or different two criteria, and if not found then search different range using same criteria(s)

    Hello Excel Wizards! - Longtime reader, first time writer. So I have a situation that I feel is completely do-able, because I've been able to successfully write one part of the formula to achieve my results, but cannot for the life of me get the entire formula right. I apologize in advance for...
  9. SelinaR

    Multiple condtion formula

    Hi all, I've read multiple previous threads and after much experimenting, still can't find what I need. I need an answer in Heading 5 (E3) for if the following conditions are met in column Q, R & S (Heading 17 to 19) *if Q, R, and S all have N/A or Y to return E3 a Y (yes) answer *if Q, R...
  10. F

    Multiple conditions formula

    I'd appreciate if someone can help me solve this formula. I have a table as follows and am trying to find a formula to give me the results as in the final column. It must satisfy the following conditions: If Column A = balance AND column B is like *MARS* then value = Column E If Column A =...
  11. E

    Request Assistance: Percentile w/ Multiple Conditions

    Hi all, I am racking my brain with trying to figure out how to calculate percentiles based on multiple conditions. I have scoured the internet and consistently come up against a formula similar to: =PERCENTILE(IF(A:A=A2,IF(B:B=B2)).9) which apparently will give me the percentile of the widgets...
  12. C

    sum column of numbers based on id # and other possible criteria

    I am trying to do the following but cannot seem to wrap my head around it. I have a workbook with multiple sheets. For what I am doing I have to pull information from one and compare it to another. It looks something like this: Sheet 1 <tbody> A B C D E F 1 Game # Cards Home ID Home...
  13. M

    Index Match with multiple conditions combined with an IF statement

    I have a workbook that contains three validation cells, 'Brand'; which has two values, 'Customer' and 'Product', both which have multiple values. Two seperate datasheets (tabs) for each 'Brand' contain the 'lookup' data, both containing columns for 'Customer', 'Product' and 'Discount' Im trying...
  14. J

    How can I use Rank.Eq, Countifs, and Offset to Rank a Filtered Table

    <tbody> Language Criteria1: Wait time(min) Criteria2: Success Rate Criteria3: Volume EN 30.5 61.5% 200000 EN 70.0 75.3% 4765 SP 10.0 57.34% 8000 SP 47.0 49.6% 2000 SP 47.0 55.81% 310000 </tbody> I've been all over this forum and google trying to find out how...
  15. M

    Calculate Rebate % Based On 2 Criteria - Sales Volume & Compliance Ratio - INDEX/MATCH?

    I need to calculate the Rebate % earned based on two criteria: sales volume & compliance ratio - the 3 columns I'm trying to complete are in red: Tier, Rebate % & Rebate Amount. Question: What is the rebate amount for customer 121761 for September? Sales Volume is over $100K and Compliance...
  16. C

    Sum array formula with multiple conditions

    I need to add an additional condition to this formula but not sure how to do it. =SUM(IF(Womens!S$1:AE$1=$B25:$B25,IF(Womens!B$2:B$105=$O$1,Womens!S$2:AE$105))) I also need to add in if Womens!a$2:a$105>=$g$1 I tried...
  17. H

    Count cells containing text string, based on date range and additional condition

    <tbody> A B C D E F G H I 1 Date Red Blue Red Green Blue Red Green Green 2 02 Jan 2018 x x x, y x y x 3 11 Jan 2018 x, z x 4 24 Jan 2018 z x x z y 5 04 Feb 2018 x, y 6 15 Feb 2018 z y x, z x x, y 7 07 Mar...
  18. G

    Sum of Multiple Ranges Using Index Match With Multiple Criteria

    Using MS Excel 2013 Unbelievable! After I spent weeks designing a worksheet, I had to redesign it and now I'm stuck. :mad: In Cell JO9, I'm trying to achieve the sum of the added sums in multiple [Ranges W9:W508 and AA9:AA508], using the INDEX/MATCH Method, when: Criteria 1: IY9 [can be a...
  19. V

    Adjust Calculation based on 2x conditions in multiple cells?

    Hello! This pertains to a model I am using to calculate interest rates for mortgages. Rates can be floating or fixed and the interest rate calculation method can either be Actual/360 or 30/360. There are 2x cells with dropdown choice similar to the below. (E3 & E4) which have values, and...
  20. B

    If, And Countif - Help with Multiple Conditions

    Hello, I was hoping someone could please help with a multiple conditions formula? I am trying to use two criteria to produce a result, I was initially using "IF and OR" but because I was using postcodes and was trying to match on the first two characters am now using SUM(COUNTIF {** **} as I...

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