number format

  1. dss28

    Worksheet.change vs. worksheet.calculate event

    I want to add code to some columns in a sheet to define the number format or date format using the following codes ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Report").Range("E2:E" & Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).row).NumberFormat = "mm-dd-yyyy" ' date format ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Report").Range("J2:J" &...
  2. N

    Getting custom number format from user

    Hello everyone, Hope you all are well. I am struggling with a task which requires me to get an input from the user which will specify what number format the user want (currency symbol and the separator to be used). And then save this setting in the windows registry and apply this number format...
  3. I

    Date formatting

    Using a share file on Microsoft Teams Problem: I add data every day and my team use the data for reporting within the sharefile. Every day when we enter Teams and update the data, the dates we use revert to English (US) or Armenian. The date columns are formatted to dd/mm/yyyy using custom...
  4. R

    Hide data labels with zero values WITHOUT changing number format

    Hi, How to hide data labels with zero value? I did a bit search but all solutions suggested are by changing number format. As I already have a defined number format in the chart, changing format is not an option. Also, VBA is not an option.
  5. adrienne0914

    Custom Number Format

    I would like to create a custom number format where millions are displayed as thousands. I know the formula for that is #,##0,;-#,##0, My problem is that I also need to add an accounting offset dollar sign. So I need $ 1,000,000 displays as $ 1,000 with the dollar sign in the same position...
  6. W

    number format with the flexibility to align

    Hi there, I have this number format - _-* £#,##0_-;[Red]* £(#,##0)_-;_-* "-"??_-;_-@_- however I cant align left, centre or align right from the buttons on the ribbon. Is there a way that the above format could be altered to allow me to use the alignment buttons Also is there a way...
  7. D

    TextBox export back to worksheet as number (%)

    Hi, I have got very difficult issue for me and cannot handle it myself :-( Hope experts here can help me. First of all I need to say that I am not good in VB, I am doing sth only from time to time only using hints and manuals. Now I did sth which is very helpful for me, a user form which...
  8. M

    VBA code problem

    Hi I have the following VBA program that works but I would like to make two changes and just not having any luck. The first change is to have the existing "1-1" accept any number combination (say 1-99 or 99-1) right now it only accepts 1-1 as a positive result. My second request is to the have...
  9. R

    Adding unknown text to custom number format

    Hopefully this should be an easy question for someone although I've been struggling with it on and off for months! We have various cells in our worksheet that will always have the following format (example) - WC-18-001A, WC-18-001B, etc. I would like for the user to just be able to put in the...
  10. J

    Problems formating numbers with hyphens and leading zeroes.

    Hi, I'm trying to format a list of phone numbers that are using this number format: ###-### ## ## it starts with a zero and it keeps disappearing and when I enter two zeroes to make it appear there is a space that comes out of nowhere making the format look like this: # ##-### ## ## I don't...
  11. N

    Conditional Formatting: Change Cell Interior Color (Fill) Only

    Hi, I'm trying to use alternate cell shading in excel using MOD(ROW(),2)=1 with conditional formatting in a table. (I'm deliberately avoiding using banded rows here.) I'm setting the fill color to 'No Color' and ensuring that the tabs Number, Font and Border within the conditional formatting...
  12. P

    Maintaining number format with combining of cells

    Hello ! I have a excel sheet with 3 column data 1st column = has sr no. 2nd column = has no. of unit 3rd coloum = has individual total amount value Eg:- <tbody> # Unit TOTAL AMT 1 100 100.00 2 200 400.00 3 300 900.00 4 400 1,600.00 5 500 2,500.00 6 600 3,600.00 7 700 4,900.00...
  13. X

    Created a column for Month (integer) in a named range, trying to display it as a named Month (ex. "March"), excel keeps reading this integer as a day.

    Right now I am working with a data table, to which I added a 'Month' column, as an integer (1 for January, 2 for February, etc.). While pulling this data into Pivot Tables using the Month column, I wanted to display the months as actual names Months - 'January, February', etc. When I edit the...
  14. T

    Simple Pivot Table Years (number format) in Filter shows as Accounting Format

    Hello. This is a weird event in my pivot table. I have a raw/flat file that has a column with years in it formatted as a number (2015, 2016, etc). In my pivot table filters and if used as column headers or values they show as accounting formatted ($2,017). I've done everything from...
  15. G

    Combining number formats

    Hello, Is there a way I can combine the two number formats: 1. #,##0,;[Black](#,##0,) and 2. 0;-0;;@ In order to get a formatting rule that rounds numbers to the nearest thousand, including the separating comma; puts negative numbers in brackets; and hides zero values? Many...
  16. T

    Formatting Number Resulting from VLOOKUP

    Hey Folks, I couldn't find anything on the forum about this so I'm hoping someone can help. I have a data extra that I take out of a reporting tool and I use a VLOOKUP on another tab to get a value out of that data. The problem is, the data in the extract comes in showing 6 spaces past the...
  17. K

    Conditional formatting in VBA dependent on the text string in adjacent cell.

    Hi. If someone can please give me some advice, that will be grand. D7:D16 say either "POUND", "PERCENTAGE", OR 'NUMBER'. E7:E16 say a number ranging between 0.01 and 10000000 I effectively want to code in VBA so that E7:E16 will be formatted corresponding to the adjacent text string. So, if...
  18. R

    VBA to convert the range B in number format??

    Hi All, I need a help where I have the numbers in column B but they are not in the number format. So I want the moment my macro paste the data in column B, it should convert that column in number format. I have tried multiple time but it only paste the data in as usual format. Kindly advise...
  19. M

    Cannot keep leading zeros in hyperlink address

    This is a code that creates a value in a cell based on the previous line number, it then hyperlinks this cell to the associated file folder for that Inspection number Range "G" is the cell to receive the hyperlink. =SUM(R[-1]C[-6]+1)" Takes the previous line number in from one row above...
  20. E

    Help with number formatting on a cell with a number range (formula)

    Hi all, I have a formula which pulls in a number range (e.g. 1000 - 2000) based a lookup, as below: Salary: £15,000 Rating: 3 Recommended increase %: 1-3 (based on Lookup in table) Recommended amount: 150-450 (calculation as 1% and 3% of the salary field). Formula is...
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