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  1. A

    Macros, PDF generation and Outlook file submission

    Hi all, I've got a lot in one post really. I know what I want, but not the best way to go about it. I'm trying to eliminate the whole copy and paste procedure when creating reports. There are Red, Amber and Green scores for each section and an overall percentage score. When items get a "Red"...
  2. C

    Save multiple sheets as PDF with multiple rule sets

    Hi All I have a problem where I need to export 3 worksheets as a single PDF file. I had one doing it as 3 seperate PDF files, which is below: Sheets("Campaign Summary").Select pdfName = ActiveSheet.Name ChDir ActiveWorkbook.Path & "\" fileSaveName = ActiveSheet.Name...
  3. T

    Saving Multiple Workbooks as PDF

    Hey everyone, First time posting here, I was hoping I could get some help with a small piece of code. I have a folder full of invoices and each invoice is a separate excel workbook (totaling over 400 files). The prepared invoice is the first sheet titled "Summer Invoice" of each workbook. What...
  4. V

    Generate Multiple PDF's with the available data in different sheet

    Hi, I've situation like this. In "Data" sheet i'll have data like below list <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Emp. No Name Category Amount 12236 ABCD Telephone $2100 12243 EFGH Medical $4200 12256 IJKL Telephone $1566 </tbody> The above data should come in the...
  5. D

    Cycle Through Pivot Filter and Print to PDF

    Hi Guys, I have a VBA code that cycles through my pivot filter and prints the file to PDF. It filters the vendor number and I print a summary for each vendor. The problem is one vendor has 4 different summaries and each pivot is on a different worksheet. When I run the below Macro, it saves 4...
  6. J

    Open PDF, replace text in text box, save,close

    Trying to open a PDF that has a fillable text field and link it with a cell, this is the best i have found, but it just seems to be opening my PDF and not adjusting the text. Sub AcrobatFindText2() <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> 'variables<o:p></o:p> Dim Resp 'For message box responses<o:p></o:p> Dim...
  7. P

    Combine worksheets and print to pdf

    Hi! This is my first time posting here although I've used a several examples to help me write basic macros. I am completed stumped on a project that I thought would be fairly easy. I have an excel file that contains a worksheet for each site (location) that was included in a survey. I found...
  8. M

    Save Excel Sheet as PDF for every drop down list option using a Macro

    Hi Excel world, Been looking for a solution for this for hours and my eyes hurt. I have a worksheet that is an individual program that is set up with Vlookup's etc that feed into this worksheet. On the worksheet (labelled "Program") there is a drop down menu with the name of the person in cell...
  9. B

    Issues with Code after Excel reinstalled

    My IT dept uninstalled and reenstalled Excel on my PC the other day. Every since then I have had trouble executing some of the code I use. I seem to get an error when it gets to the part were its saving it to a PDF.Im using 2007. Thanks as always Sub job_send() If Dir("H:\") = "" Then...
  10. D

    Creating Unique PDF name using VBA in Excel

    Hi, I have a tool that produces a set of outputs in the form of a quote in a tab called "SalesQuotation". On this worksheet, i have a button which when clicked runs the following VBA Sheets("SalesQuotation").Range("A1:J70").ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF, Filename:= _ "C:\Users\"...
  11. M

    Help modify macro to send 1 email to multiple recipients listed on active sheet

    I found this macro code VBA code to convert excel to pdf and email it as attachment that PDFs an excel sheet, attaches it to an email and sends it out. And it works great. I'm looking for one modification. I want my recipient list to be of email addresses in range B46:B60 that are on a sheet...
  12. Q

    Please help with conversion of pdf into excel while maintain format

    Hi, I have just started a new job recently and have given given the task of creating the excel of all the pdfs brochure they have. now i can copy paste the things from pdf to excel but that is really cumbersome and boring, can anyone please help me converting the pdf to attached excel format, i...
  13. C

    Close Acrobat After Printing with VBA

    I am needing to print multiple pdf files by file name that is in a list. These files will be in the same folder as the excel file. For example MMR1234, MMR1235, MMR1236 and stop on next blank cell. Then I am needing it to close Acrobat after printing.
  14. A

    Print to PDF using VBA

    Hey guys! I'm fairly new to VBA so forgive me if I sound all confused. I have a worksheet in excel which I need to print out as a PDF file. Is there any way I can do this? Is there a function I can use to output the information on the sheet as a PDF file in VBA? Please let me know! Thanks...
  15. K

    Save As PDF Problem in 2007 Excel

    Some excel files give me a problem saving as a PDF file, especially longer named files, it just does not convert them to PDF no errors/warnings. I can have a file that I want to save to PDF as xxx; xxxx; 2009(10).pdf and it will not save, but it might save as simply 1234.pdf. As far as I can...
  16. M

    Need help keeping Option(Radio) Button still working in pdf format

    I am LOST! I have created a form in excel 2010 with multiple grouped Option buttons. I need to now save this form in pdf format but still want my Option buttons to work. Is this possible? If so, please help me in BASIC, SIMPLE steps. Thanks Excel peeps!
  17. D

    Save Excel file and PDF at same time

    Hi All I have been reading some posts on here regarding macros that can be written to force an excel sheet to save as .PDF. This is along the lines of what I am looking to do, but I require a slightly more complex solution. I have a report that is generated daily, by up to 10 different...
  18. B

    Save/Output pdf to file root macro + least resource intensive

    Hi there, hoping someone can help. I've been searching and experimenting for weeks with no luck so far. For my work I was tasked with coming up with an electronic system to gather data from the field. I created a spreadsheet form weighing in about 2mb to be run off a touch Tablet with an atom...
  19. C

    Converting data from PDF list to Excel. HELP!

    I'm working for a campaign and we have an invite mailer going out. I was told to get the list to the girl handling everything with the printers. Of course, last minute, I realized that the Voter Vault list was PDF and I want to make it easier for the household names/addresses to be used by the...
  20. T

    copy multiple pdf file to excel

    Hi, I need to copy the text of 620 pdf files in one folder to excel. The task involves: open one pdf file from the folder, select all, copy and paste the text to the column of excel. Close this pdf file and then open another pdf file, select all, copy and paste the text to the next column in...

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