refresh data

  1. R

    Multiple RandomBetween() Numbers - Change all to Fixed Numbers

    Hi All, Quick Question. I know that I can generate Random numbers with fixed numbers using Randbetween (001,999) If I have multiple Randbetween numbers on a sheet and want to 'keep' the numbers, how do I stop all of them refreshing / changing on opening and closing the sheet / pressing the...
  2. S

    Most Pivot Table Fields Disappear on Refresh/Refresh All

    I have created a dashboard from pivot tables of demo data on COVID-19. Initially the pivot tables were from solely created from one data sheet but later other pivot tables (and charts) needed data from a second sheet. Excel created a Data Model to do this (have pivot tables from different source...
  3. G

    Using VBA to scrape website betting odd data

    Hi, I would love for some help in writing some VBA code such that it will scrape data from a given URL for betting sites, and will return the specific betting odd values as required within a sheet. I then want it so that these values can always be refreshed as required. For example: Using...
  4. DayTimeSeby

    Timeframe Formula Returning New Value From Data Which Hadn't Been Selected in the Last X min

    That title was quite the task to try to summarize. I have an ever increasing amount of API keys I can call upon of which each one, obviouslly, has some rate limitting set out on it. I am looking for a solution/ formula particularly, where I can pull an API key to utilize in my overal...
  5. I

    Refresh table based on column headers

    All, hoping someone can help. I have a table that needs refresh from other source based on column headers. Basically: "source" sheet will contain new data. there is a number of headers we dont use "target" sheet will have the headers (and data) we want to update looking for a way to: 1/ look...
  6. S

    Power Query - how to refresh only modified or new files in folder?

    Dear All, I have a huge problem with how to refresh only modified files or new files in folder? The situation is as follows: I have a folder where different peopel store the files (more than 1500, all files have the same structure) and when I import data using PQ it takes ages because it...
  7. macattackpro

    VBA to insert Pivot Table Last Refresh Date

    Hi Gurus, First, I'm fairly new to VBA but have realized it is the only way to accomplish what I'm trying to do and 100% willing to learn. What I have is a workbook with 3 different pivot tables. I'd like for a reference above each to say when that particular pivot table has been refreshed...
  8. D

    VBA Loop to refresh links

    We have an excel file with data in it, and we are wanting to display a "Dashboard" at multiple shop computers to view real time progress deriving from one excel file. My angle was to create a shared dashboard file separate from the data. I would like to have the dashboard be real time results...
  9. U

    Automatically Refresh Table Sorting

    Hi All, I have a master spreadsheet, "District Summary" that has data from multiple schools. I have a column that has an A, B, C, etc. based on which school it is. I then broke it out into individual worksheets for each school. I did this by referencing the master sheet, then sorting based on...
  10. J

    Run Access Query Using Pulled In excel files without duplicating data

    Hello, I have been running a report weekly using the below code in a module to pull all of the excel invoices I need into a query. My issue is that every week I have to rerun the report from scratch because if I just click run it will re-pull the same files I already have in it again. Is there...
  11. P

    how to bypass file selection when refreshing data imported from a text file?

    Hello, I am wondering if it possible to bypass the pop-up window prompting to select the text file when refreshing data imported from text file. I have a tab separated text file that gets updated by an external program. I find it annoying that I need to select the file every time I want to...
  12. C

    ISSUE: Refreshed Consolidated Tables causes (VBA) "SourceData:=" PivotTable Name to Change

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><![endif]--> GOAL: Linking SharePoint to Excel, so that Excel will contain pivots. Multiple SharePoint tables have been linked to individual sheets in Excel. A macro was written to...
  13. D

    Refresh data link without prompting when file opens?

    I have a large metrics Excel 2013 workbook with a lot of hidden tabs with data links pulling data into tables. I have a handful of these set to refresh upon opening the file...which causes a warning upon opening the file to update links or not. Can this warning be turned off so the user...
  14. G

    Wait till data refresh?

    Mr excel team and all users thank you for the support and abundant knowledge transfer. :) Any better ideas ? This is Workbook A (name keeps changing) I got a number 404 in P1. (total 404,504,604... 40 numbers) Once i change the number data is updated in all sheets. Then user click Ctlr+Q to...
  15. G

    How to refresh a specific Pivot Table if data in another Pivot in the same worksheet has been changed

    Hi, I am trying to use VBA to automatically refresh a specific pivot table which is based on another table which the last based on another pivot table. All data resides in the same worksheet. Once the first pivot is being changed the table of course get updated but the pivot which is based on...
  16. E

    Excel Table with SharePoint Data Connection - Manual Text Entry Misaligned After Refresh

    Greetings! I have an Excel 2010 workbook that includes a table linked to my SharePoint 2013 site by a data connection. The SharePoint list feeds the table standard information that's managed on the SharePoint site, but I need the user of the Excel workbook to be able to enter text manually in...
  17. E

    "centre across selection" moves

    Hi, I have selected "centre across selection" to have text sit in the middle across several columns without merging cells. However when I press F9 to refresh, the text moves left and right depending on which cell I have selected when I hit F9. How can I make sure the text doesn't move and sit in...
  18. R

    Multiple workbooks refresh from password-protected database. How to enter pwd/login just once?

    Hello, Our organization has about fifty scorecards in Excel, with three data connections apiece. All of them refresh from the same password-protected database. Is there a way to write a script that will open and refresh all the workbooks at once, wihtout having to type the login and password...
  19. K

    Updating Macro while Excel is closed

    Hi all, Is there any line item in VBA that we can add that will allow the macro to run and the file to update during times that the file is closed. For example, I would like to update some data every two weeks, however, do not wish to keep opening this file and manually refreshing it. Thanks...
  20. O

    refreshing source data with new columns added

    Hi, I'm new to PowerPivot, and have the following question: I build a very basic powerpivot file, which combines raw data from two excel files connected by a shared key. Now I added more columns to one of the source file (it's an export from our CRM system, so these are completely new fields...

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