secondary axis

  1. C

    Linear Trend Line with data on Secondary Axis

    Hello. I am trying to create a trend line for multiple series of data. Is it possible to have trend lines for only a specific data series within the same chart? For example, in the chart below, I'd like to have a trend line for Student ELA, ELA CA, Student Math, and CA Math but the trend line...
  2. B

    Grouped bar chart with secondary axis

    I've gotten the primary axis (the bar chart) to work but how do I add a secondary axis as such so there is a space betweej
  3. L

    Bar Graph with Secondary Axis

    Good morning Everyone, I'm hoping someone might know the solution to fixing this problem. I've created a Chart with only 2 Series. When they're both on the same axis it looks fine as any graph does, however i want to move one Series to the secondary axis. When i do this, the Bars in the graph...
  4. dwg83

    VBA trouble switching axes for column clustered chart

    I originally had a chart utility tool that allowed me to toggle series between primary and secondary. All the series were xyscatteredsmooth which is likely why I never had an issue toggling back and forth as long as one series was on the primary axis. In an effort to be more fancy, I wanted to...
  5. nancmadi

    Method Axes of object Chart Failed

    Hi using Excel 2016, familiar with VBA but still a newbie.. I am 100 graphs in one sheet tab.. so I am looping two sub routines to give names to the legend & Axes Titles I ran this code to update Legend Titles and Axes Titles... Legend and Primary Title updated fine, but I am getting 'Method...
  6. S

    Using both the primary and secondary axis, without having the lines fill underneath

    I'm trying to put a large amount of data (3 pieces of information from each of 3 attempts) into one chart for comparison. The numbers vary widely, from .5 to multiple tens of thousands, because I'm working with different units. I thought I'd be able to display all the data having force, which...
  7. S

    VBA to set maximum scale on chart secondary scale only

    So I tried to research this online and found loads of vba to set all the settings and thought my cut down version below would work, and it didn't! I keep getting a system error &H80070057 (-2147024809) Sub ScaleAxes() Worksheets("PM and Programme view").Select...
  8. P

    Adding a secondary vertical axis without impacting data table as horizontal axis

    Hello, I am struggling with this one. I have a stacked bar chart to which I have added a data table beneath the chart. Normally, when I change the primary horizontal axis to display as text, it disappears and pulls the data table tight against the bottom of the chart so that the column headers...
  9. D

    Secondary Axis - Stacking

    I am utilizing a secondary axis as opposed to a split axis for two sets of data that must appear on the same column graph but have very different min / max. I have two locations with spend and the same two locations with savings. I need two locations' spend to be graphed next to each other on...
  10. S

    2003 charting - not allowing for multiple vertical axis option

    Howdy, I am trying to produce a chart including two columns of data and a column including corresponding dates. I am only able to view one column of data in the chart and excel is not giving me the option of plotting on a secondary axis. Why am I not being given the option to view data on a...
  11. J

    Add Value Label to Pivot Chart Displayed as Percentage

    I have created a pivot chart that "Shows Values As" % of Row Total. This chart displays items that are On-Time vs. items that are Late per month. The chart is a 100% stacked bar. I would like to add data labels for the actual value. Example: If the chart displays 25% late and 75% on-time, I...
  12. S

    Place Average Onto Chart

    I have a chart that shows the total number of moves per day in bar chart form. The chart also utilizes a scatterplot as a second axis to show the number of hours utilized in that day as well. My goal is to keep my chart as is, with a bar chart and then the scatter plot markers, but to also...
  13. G

    Plot Series On options missing from Chart options

    I will probably kick myself for this - but I can't figure it out. I have a bar chart with 5 series. I want to add the one to the secondary axis. When I right-click the series and go to "Format Data Series", I have "Series Options" at the top. Usually I can now see a section here called "Plot...
  14. K

    Help Moving Data Points on Second Axis

    Hello! I need the data points on my second axis to align with the bars on my primary axis. So the purple triangles need to line up to the center of the purple bars and the gray squares need to line up to the centers of the gray bars. There was an addin for 2007 that let you manipulate data...
  15. M

    Charting: 2 sets of stacked bars in the same chart

    Hi All! My question is that I have six rows of data. I would like to generate a chart with 2 stacked bars over a date range, with each stacked bar containing 3 rows of data. Ideally, the 2nd stacked bar is against a secondary Y axis. I know how to set up a secondary axis, and have put rows...
  16. D

    Add vertical line to 2 graphs with different scale x-axis at the same time

    Two graphs with different scale x-axis. Graph No. 1 with smaller time frame, Daily. Graph No. 2 with larger time frame, Weekly. Objective: Add vertical line to mark the same times in both graphs. Trouble is both graph already utilise the secondary axis. VBA is allowed.
  17. D

    Charts: make second axis series "always appear above"

    I have a combination column and line chart with the line series on the secondary axis. Is there a way that I can tell excel to scale the secondary axis so as the line always appears above the columns? As it is it appears above in most instances but sometimes appears below the columns.
  18. C

    Combination Pivot Charts

    Using Excel 2007, I have created a pivot chart with two data sources shown in column form and one in line form (plotted on the right, secondary axis). When I change the source data for the line component, however the chart reverts to a simple column chart, losing the secondary axis in the...
  19. M

    Changing Base Unit on Date X-Axis with secondary Y Axis

    I have a line graph showing two sets of data over time (sales and price). Because sales tends to be a larg number and price tends to be a small number, I have price on a secondary y axis. The data comes in four week time periods marked by its ending date. The chart defaults to months but then...
  20. R

    Axis problems in charts

    Hi, I am having problems with charts with a primary and secondary axis. The data I am using is: Central Regional Local Other 10 9 4 8 32% 29% 13% 26% I want to show the count on primary axis and the % on the secondary axis. The secondary axis shows the percent fine, but the...

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