1. S

    Sorting spreadsheet by time

    Hi I have a spreadsheet that contains among other columns, 2 columns. They are start time and end time. Their format is 7/1/2019 2:17:11 AM for example. Of all the start times, I want to ONLY retain the information where the start time is */*/2019 21:00:00 PM and the end time is */*/2019...
  2. U

    Convert Report number to Date and Time

    I am trying to convert this report number to a date and time, is there a single formula that can achieve this or do I need extract the numbers using left/right formula? W3_20190903_230338 = Sept.3,2019, 11:03:38 pm
  3. K

    Adding information to a table with vba and userform

    Hi all. I have a spreadsheet for weekly time sheets. It has a sheet for each day of the week that the user fill his time and other job descriptions in on a daily basis. This is then converted with formulas to a summary sheet. Now they wants a additional monthly summary sheet for all the...
  4. P

    Time to Number Convertion help.

    How to convert 13:10 (13 hrs. 10 mins) into 13.7 (number)?
  5. N

    IF formula

    I am doing timesheets and the following is the layout E F G H I J Start Break Finish Normal Hours Time &...
  6. B

    Excel time formulas

    Hi, I'm looking for a simple formula that will calculate the difference between a start and an end time then subtract 30 min. So, for example, the start time is 7:00 am and the end time is 4:00pm. I can calculate the time difference but I don't know how to then modify the formula to subtract...
  7. H

    Conditional Ranking

    hi I am having some issues trying to get quite a lot of data ranked correctly. I've done some reading and possibly I need to use COUNTIF rather than RANK. Here is what I am trying to do. I have around 140,000 rows of data with the first two columns being date and time. I have numbers in...
  8. B

    Date format showing two time zones?

    I use the following Date Format[$-en-US]dddd, mmmm d, yyyy h:mm AM/PM;@ which, when I enter : “5/10 13:00” reformats to “Friday, May 10, 2019, 1:00 pm.” Is there any way I could get it to show this in two time zones, such as “Friday, May 10, 2019, 1:00 pm. EDT / 10:00 am. PDT”? Thanks -- Blackie
  9. H

    Time greater than

    Im trying to writer a code to pull all names that have a start time of 11 or greater cell B2 has the following code =IFERROR(INDEX('Bid Results'!$X$6:$X$253,SMALL(IF('Bid Results'!$Z$6:$Z$253=>TIME(11,0,0),ROW('Bid Results'!$Z$6:$Z$253)-ROW('Bid Results'!$Z$6)+1),ROWS('Bid Results'!$Z$6:'Bid...
  10. R

    Need formula for Elapsed Time (negative values, times after midnight)

    Hello, I need to calculate how minutes late/early a train arrived (elapsed time) by comparing the scheduled arrival time with the actual arrival time. I have tried many different ways of doing this, but none of the ways seem to work for all four scenarios I've encountered with the data. Please...
  11. W

    String Array

    Hello I am working on an excel file with 7 sheets. The main interaction that a user will have with the worksheet is through a user form. The user form as multiple pages and one page is already completely functional. The next page, however, is giving me a lot of problems. The first problem I am...
  12. K

    Question about searching a spreadsheet by month

    In Microsoft Excel,I need to write a formula that works this way: If (cell E1 to E13000) is between january 1 and january31 And if Column F has"Employee Computer" in the cell Sumthe time elapsed which is recorded in column J for all the rows in whichcondition1 and condition 2 were met...
  13. S

    Excel 2019

    Hello everyone! I just purchased Office 2019. In Excel, where did the small "x" go when closing the current workbook. Each time I open an Excel document, it opens another window in Excel. Is there anyway to go back to having the small "x" to close out the current Workbook and not close out the...
  14. V

    formaula to derive late comings to office

    Hi, I need a formula which can pop up late if the individual has log in to system beyond 9:40 am, but if the person has left office at 9:00 pm , then he will get grace of 1:30 hour next day i.e he can reach office by 11:00 am next day but if he comes beyond 11:00 then he is late. Date...
  15. T

    Copy 10 rows at a time in a set of 100 rows

    Am very much beginner in VBA code and can write basic codes. I have excel with 100 rows data (data in only column A1 to A100) and i need to copy 10 rows at a time and paste special as transpose in new sheet. so 1-10 first then 11-20 then 21-30 and so on. Best, Tumbad
  16. G

    Workbook to open to a specific sheet and select cell with today's date

    Hi I have a question about the below code: Private Sub Workbook_Open() Dim CellToShow As Range Worksheets("Smart City Projects Schedule").Select x = DateTime.Date Set CellToShow = Worksheets("Smart City Projects Schedule").Rows(6).Find(What:=x, LookIn:=xlValues) If...
  17. L

    Formula to Calculate Clock Out Time

    Hi, Can someone please come up with a formula? If I clock in at 8 am (cell L5) and need to work 9 hours (cell O2) what time do I clock out? There is a lunch break: L2 (12 pm) L3 (1 pm) Also this may be a job that carries over from the previous day as in the 18.0 hour JOB TIME can the...
  18. S

    Running Macro to fill in new cells without affecting cells already filled

    I have a macro that will be run several times throughout a worksheet. First time I run macro it will fill column AF down to a certain # of rows based information in column A. Lets say in this case row 20. Then if we need to add more rows below this, I want to re-run the macro so it will...
  19. W

    active workbook name - new workbook name?

    So I entered the code below into my personal.xls thisworkbook section in hopes that every time a new workbook opens i would get me the name of the new workbook displayed. But no, the first time it gives me "Personal.xls" subsequent newly opened work book it does not respond at all. Any ideas...

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