1. M

    Excel 2016 crashing when 2nd display plugged in/out and when power supply plugged in/out

    Hello, I'm running the latest version of excel, with a spreadsheet that - contains a lot of calculations - has an RTD feed - uses add-ins The spreadsheet/excel crashes more often than I would like, and I am starting to notice it often happens when I: - plug a second display into the hdmi port...
  2. R

    Code works when stepping through, but not when running

    Hey guys, I've been working with macros for about a week or two, and while google is my friend, I think I need to reach out for some help. When I step through the code I've posted below, it works perfectly. No errors, everything formats correctly, and I end up with the desired result for the...
  3. N

    Create Pivot Table Macro to Use Across Multiple Workbooks

    I'm looking to create a series of Macros that can be used across multiple workbooks to manipulate table data into pivot tables. The data comes in a simlar format on a quarterly basis. On a quarterly basis I receive a data set that's roughly ~77,000 rows and only about 13 columns. With this...
  4. A

    VBA Newbie - Runtime Error 91 using InStr

    Hi all. I've gotten a lot of use out of MrExcel in the past, and I'm banging my head against a wall here. Complete VBA newbie (my last years of programming was 20+ years ago). I'm getting the error "Object variable or With block variable not set" at the highlighted line. Option Explicit...
  5. T

    Excel 2016 - Pivot Table Filter Troubleshooting

    I am working with an involved PowerPivot data model in Excel 2010. This model has multiple sources of data and numerous pivot tables. Some of the people on the distribution list use Excel 2016 so to make their lives easier, I am providing a "pre-upgraded" workbook for Excel 2016 for them. I...
  6. J

    Can I get help troubleshooting this macro?

    Hi all The following is a multipart macro that is supposed to import various .txt files that are created through analyzing images in a software called Scion. I am having trouble running the macro in Excel 2016 in compatibility mode. When I run the macro part named CL_Air_1, the file dialog...
  7. C

    mulitple formulas linking to a different workbook efficiently?

    Hi All, I have somewhat recently stepped into a role and the person who had the post before me did reporting in horribly archaic ways - that I am trying to duplicate as my company doesn't use pivot tables. I could use some help. I am trying to build out this template for 2018 to links to...
  8. D

    Any way to run an 'audit' to see which formula/processes are most bogging down my file?

    I'm pulling in a few hundred real-time stock quotes at once and automatically performing a bunch of sorting and modeling as the data updates, but it often lags badly so that I'm sometimes seeing stale stock quotes (30-60s after they change). I've determined that it's not the real-time quotes...
  9. J

    Excel 2016 macro works fine, but causes the first sheet to freeze in Excel 2013.

    I have a series of subs that I have done in Excel 2016. The macro works as follows: Open UserForm. Select dates, select users, and another two options. Run a SQL query, place imported data on a worksheet that gets created. Depending on the options chosen, at least one worksheet will be created...
  10. R

    Excel VBA IF within If Question

    Hello, I am trying to write a VBA that selects (from the ActiveWorkbook) each sheet that is not named "Engine" Or "Runs". After the sheet is selected, the code will find the word "Total" within my range and will highlight the row from column A:P and go to the next sheet not named "Engine" or...
  11. W

    How to troubleshoot undefined variable when everything defined

    Hi, I just started VBA this year and am struggling to troubleshoot...hoping you can help. I have some code I upgraded today which filters a table and copies the first column to another sheet. It uses a dynamic named range as the header to find the right column to filter (new today). It uses...
  12. J

    text to column basic help

    Hello. My apologies if this was previously discussed. My work just switched me to a new computer. I am now running Windows 7 from XP and I am now on Excel 2013 from 2007. I am trying to import a fixed with text file to excel. I clicked on Data>Get External Data>From Text and attempted to...
  13. J

    Buggy VBA Project. Streamlining/Trouble Shooting Help Please!

    Hi, I have a database with worksheets for multiple companies and am trying to consolidate them into one masterlist, as well as run a couple other reports. I believe I have the reports working as intended but am experiencing very long processing times in running the masterlist generator. Does...
  14. S

    Determine actual formula being used for a specific cell in a complex conditional fomatting formula

    Hi All, This has bugged me for a while, When I have complex conditional formatting formulas using and's or's iserror's vlookup's etc.. , I sometimes wants to troubleshoot the formula based on a specific cell in the range that the formatting applies to rather than seeing the formula for the...
  15. N

    Conditional formatting =IsFormula will not format cells

    I have a conditional formatting rule in my excel spreadsheet that says: =ISFORMULA(A1) and it will not format cells with a formula. Does anyone know why this would be happening? I even tried opening a blank excel worksheet and putting random numbers and formulas in cells and then added the...
  16. I

    No paste or special paste within a workbook, other workbooks ok

    Hi As the title suggests i am unable to use the paste or special paste option with a single workbook, it works fine in other work books. The is extensive vba coding and forms in the effected book. it is not add in related nor is it Skype click to call related, although it may possible have been...
  17. P

    Troubleshooting: IF then Commands working on one sheet but not another

    I am using a command that works on one sheet in excel but seems to ignore text in another sheet: =IF(A1="yes",B1& " is my favorite food.","I don’t have a favorite food.") is being used to generate a statement and works in sheet2. <tbody> A B C 1 Yes Pork Pork is my favorite food 2...
  18. H

    Fake space between First and Last Name in Excel

    I have a spreadsheet that I had send to me one of our sites that we use for User Access. It was exported straight from the program. I am having trouble in the formatting of the spreadsheet in order to make it searchable and to use VLOOKUP. In the Full Name column, the first and last name look...
  19. A

    Receiving Compile Error When Adding a Loop Inside Another Loop

    Okay, so I have a block of code that asks the user for several inputs and puts them into their corresponding cells in a table on the worksheet. Here's a look at it: locationNum = 1 For Each InfoInput In Range("Table2[Location]") InfoInput.Value = InputBox("Name of location " & locationNum...
  20. S

    Troubleshooting Complex Nested If and If Functions

    I'm having an issue with my nested if function. What I would ideally like to do is to compare 2 cells against a confidence interval percentage. So, if cell A is 5% higher than cell B I want my function to create a label the next cell as "Higher" and if its 10% higher than to be labeled as "Much...

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