1. B

    Copy Horizontal and paste vertically

    Hello Experts, I've been trying to modify this macro i've found in the forum. In my source file, i need to copy data from Column BH-BK and paste the data in another sheet vertically, to be paste in column BK. i have more than 200 rows to be copied Here's my code: Sub Sin3() Dim Ary As...
  2. D

    Vertical Scroll Bar fake copy?

    So I have been having this same problem for a long time. I just work around it, by scrolling with my mouse, which can be tedious. We used to have MS 2016, now we have Office 365. Problem existed on both. The document is a shared document, old school, not the internet sharing because I need to be...
  3. Y

    Using Transpose

    Hello everyone, I have data in two columns and I want to turn them from vertical into horizontal, I used transpose but its not giving me what I want here is an example I have date in rows (Letters below) with data in front of it in the next row (the numbers below) i want to change them to...
  4. A

    Problem in exporting into excel when Separator in txt files is "|"(vertical bar) instead of ","

    Hello Can anybody tell me a VB script wherein I have to export multiple txt files where the separator is instead of "," is "|"(vertical bar). I have seen multiple codes where the separator is assumed to be a "," but no VB script for "|" which is a separator. I have uploaded a sample txt file...
  5. J

    Pulling from a Vertical worksheet and goes to a Horizontal Spreadsheet

    I am trying to pull information from a Vertical worksheet and put into another worksheet. This is what I have been doing for the past year, but it is time consuming changing the row numbers of the people. =HLOOKUP($B53,'S:\Corporate\Loss Prevention\Schedules\2019\[Southeast.xlsx]Data...
  6. M

    Join all row cells in a single cell by vertical bar

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> I need to Join P:Y column each row cells in single cell by using a vertical bar, result require in AA column as shown below </SPAN></SPAN> Example</SPAN></SPAN> Book1PQRSTUVWXYZAA123n1n2n3n4n5n6n7n8n9n10Join4111311 | 13591012139 | 10 | 126910129 | 10 | 127101310 |...
  7. K

    Adding a vertical line in conditional formatting data bars at 100%

    Hello, I have a budgeting sheet where I'd like to show a vertical line against some progress bars at a value other than zero. In particular, I'd like to highlight where budgets are at more than 100%. It looks like conditional formatting can only handle that if the value you're targeting is zero...
  8. L

    Updating charts

    Hi I currently have data on stocks, next the the stock price I have indexed it to a certain date which I can set. I have then graphed this data on a line graph. I'n trying to find a way to have a vertical line in the line chart showing where my data is indexed. Is anyone able to help with...
  9. B

    Overrule conditional formatting

    I've made a spreadsheet to keep score of a soccer tournament, and I would like to fill the cells if certain conditions are met. To do that I use Conditional Formatting. Doing that I've encountered a very strange problem: Conditional Formatting overrules horisontal lines, but not vertical...
  10. Z

    Populate cells with array

    I have a macro that populates a range of cells with the months horizontally, but am getting an error when I try to make it vertical. Horizontal: ActiveCell.Resize(, 12) = Array("Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May", "Jun", "Jul", "Aug", "Sep", "Oct", "Nov", "Dec") Vertical: ActiveCell.Resize(12, )...
  11. I

    Vertical text on command button

    Hi, As per titlae i have a vertical button & would like to have text top to bottom as opposed the normal left to right. Is this possible ? Please advise Many Thanks
  12. T

    Sumproduct vertical vs Horizontal

    Hello again, I having trouble figuring out how to use sumproduct formula vertical vs horizontal. I have this formula =SUMPRODUCT((a1:d6=LEGEND!$D$4:$D$7)*(LEGEND!$E$4:$E$7)) what I need is =SUMPRODUCT((a1:a6=LEGEND!$D$4:$D$7)*(LEGEND!$E$4:$E$7)) can anyone assist please... because when I...
  13. M

    VBA Line and intersect

    Hi Looking to see how I could utilise VBA code to draw a vertical line from a defined range (say cell B1=0, B2=1000) then horizontally intersect the vertical line down the page, to scale, from a value in another cell. For example, the vertical line would cover cells A1-A20, with A1 value =0...
  14. J

    formula-link to a page vertical to horizontal autofill

    I have horizontal table that I want to link to another page which is in vertical order. And to auto fill vertical to horizontal. Example: ='Adam'!O5 -next cell on page would be 'Adam' !O6 Need to autofill across the Main Page: Main Page ADE -Column headers are horizontal Group1, Group2...
  15. B

    VBA code to remove vertical black boarders

    I would appreciate assistance with VBA code that would eliminate the vertical black boarders that I show outlined in red in the following image. I am trying to write code that would use the words in column A, “ADD”, “REMOVE”, “KEEP – Paid Advertisers” as the text that would indicate the...
  16. D

    Returning a Sum based on two criteria (Horizontal and Vertical)

    Hello Everyone I have 2 sheets; 1 with raw data and the other which willhave all of the formulas. The second sheet,which contains all of the data has horizontal and vertical conditions (House Nameis horizontal and construction work elements is vertical). Some of theconstruction work elements...
  17. D

    Add Horizontal value with multiple vertical for specific value

    Add Horizontal value with multiple vertical for specific value I want to add multiple subtotal value to end total either sumif or hlookup with sum command Sl. No. Item Code Location 100 KVA Ram Nagar SUB TOTAL 200 KVA Transport Nagar SUB TOTAL Total 1 M-0501081 No. 1...
  18. K

    VBA, which can colour A, B, C, D and E separated by vertical bar

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> I got data in the column C (A, B, C, D and E) separated by vertical bar and there is a one space between vertical bar also that I want to coloured all different colour but each alphabet must be the same colour in the below example there are coloured only row 5 & 6...
  19. N

    Transpose horizontal data to vertical data with automatic update

    Hi, Can anyone have an idea on how to transpose horizontal data to a vertical data. Check the sample in the picture below: [/URL] url picture[/IMG]
  20. K

    Check the text secreted by vertical bar with column C

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> I want to check E5, F5 or G5 text secreted by vertical bar with column C data if find then place result as "OK" in the cells E6:G23</SPAN></SPAN> Example...</SPAN></SPAN> Book1ABCDEFGHI12345P11 | X1 | 2X |...

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