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Aug 26, 2019

i'm using the below table to track monthly sales, i inserted a slicer with the data in order to auto filter based on my selection, in the lookup column (index formula & slicer used) i cant or don't know how to get (Quantity-Amount or %) with its cell format, example: if i want to select % it should get me the result with % and if i choose amount it should get me the data with EGP and so on, what i managed is that i can retrieve based on my selection what i want but not with its cell format.
any advise on that.

YearCategory Target Quantity Amount%XYLookupMaxMin
20194G Sim14927741235197EGP 6,175,98083%0.8275
ACCESSORIES12031484915EGP 13,173,24571%0.7058
Cash in412249309255EGP 075%0.7502
Cash out333610231004EGP 069%0.6924
Corp2957067406EGP 670,220228%2.2796
DEVICES EGPEGP 319,286,071190784EGP 272,468,80285%0.8534
Eagle77602104170EGP 1,046,621134%1.3424
fox352480320977EGP 7,681,55091%0.9106
Hybrid1348261967885EGP 38,258,31572%0.7179
LINK1094157918EGP 0529%5.29355.293515087
MI458792227504EGP 050%0.49590.49587627
POST MBB3208274604EGP 9,645,362233%2.3254
PRE MBB3016877006EGP 896,510255%2.5526
Wallets389785332897EGP 085%0.8541


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