For Each inside another loop works only once after excel startup


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Nov 20, 2017
Hello guys,

I have an macro I am fighting last 5 days with no luck.

I am doing FOR loop every row filled and hidding shapes (pictures) based on value in Column C in every row.
So far I am only in stage that I wish to FOR loop of all shapes and hide or show (just to test that everything works fine so far).

The issue is, that the macro works fine the first time I run it, and if I run it again, I got an error... When I close excel and open again, then I can run the macro once only :/.

Sub ds()

    Dim lastrow As Long
    lastrow = Worksheets("Task_List").Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row

    Dim ShapeAction As Shape

    Dim i As Integer
    For i = 6 To lastrow

        For Each ShapeAction In Worksheets("Task_List").Shapes
            If ShapeAction.TopLeftCell.Row = i And ShapeAction.TopLeftCell.Column = 14 Then
                MsgBox ShapeAction.TopLeftCell.Row & "-" & ShapeAction.TopLeftCell.Column
            End If
            If ShapeAction.TopLeftCell.Row = i And ShapeAction.TopLeftCell.Column = 15 Then
                MsgBox ShapeAction.TopLeftCell.Row & "-" & ShapeAction.TopLeftCell.Column
            End If

        Next ShapeAction
    Next i

End Sub
In these past 5 days I have tried everything I could posibly find out on the internet, the different kind of IF conditions, such for example If Not Intersect(Range(Cells(i, 14), ActionShape.TopLeftCell) Is Nothing Then (and so many other ways to find shape in a cell.

Getting always same error on IF statement.

See images as errors



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Nov 20, 2017
Hello Guys,

I am lot of frustrated with this... I dont understand the behaviour.

Sometimes I isert new row and it works, another time it doesnt work.
Then Sometimes helps if I save the excel first before run the macro.

It is like something is keeping in cache, I tried to:
Set ShapeAction = Notning before Next ShapeAction but it didnt help...

Sometimes when the sheet changed (random cell which was before empty is filled now) works, sometimes not :/

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