How to debug an add-in's VBA code?


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May 16, 2008
I have my own Access-2003 database that I publish as an add-in, so other than the compulsory USysRegInfo table it has nothing but lots of VBA code, mostly information-gathering utilities applied to the current database. I publish it by saving it as an MDE, closing Access, and renaming the MDE as MDA -- really Microsoft?

Now I want to use these utilities to gather information about some other database, so I need that one to be current. First I close Access and use Explorer to delete the old MDA from %APPDATA%\Microsoft\AddIns -- REALLY, Microsoft? Then I open Access and use the File/Open dialog box to navigate to the other database's folder, select the database, and use the Open button's down-arrow to open it read-only and shareable with the Shift key held down so nothing auto-executes. Finally I use the Add-In Manager to install the MDA, and now I see my menu of utilties under the "Add-In Manager" command (and I now know a copy is in %APPDATA%\Microsoft\AddIns).

But one of the utilities gives me an error, so I hit Alt-F11 to view the code, and the MDA's code is unviewable! So how am I supposed to step through it -- with the OTHER database current -- to find bugs? I've tried installing the MDE, but the VBE doesn't even have an entry for it in the Project Explorer -- REALLY, MICROSOFT???

Or am I just going about this all wrong?

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