how to update records through Forms


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Just bind the controls to the source data and it will do it for you.

Use the form wizard to create a form when on the table or query that will be the recordsource for the form.


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In addition to binding, it mighty be worth mentioning that in order to commit changes or additions to a form's set of records, you have to do something to cause the change to be committed. This could be any one of
- moving off the record; e.g. going to next or previous if a single record form or going from one record to another in a datasheet or continuous form
- moving off the form; e.g. clicking off a main form onto a subform or vice versa, when fields on one have been updated and you click on the other
- closing the form or database (relying on this to save a record isn't the best approach)
- using code to update or commit the record, such as when using a command button.


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thank you so much for your answers! what you are doing to the community is extremely helpful :D

Mr.Micron you seem to be a master at access, the phrase = "you have to do something to cause the change to be committed" Is exactly representing my case.
i would say my problem will be solved using the 4th method that you mentioned "
- using code to update or commit the record, such as when using a command button."
I've been stuck for 3 days now because i don't know the coding in VBA to solve my problem.
if you have the time and effort i would be really glad if you could help me in generating this code which updates the records automatically when filling in the input in the form.
i also
apologize for my poor elaborating skills i'm not really an expert in these kind of stuff
Thank you Sir and have a great day!


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You would have to provide details about the form design and its recordsource. Start with the latter - is it bound or not?
is it single record view,
datasheet or continuous,
main form and subform and what type is the subform
or something else?


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Hello! and happy Monday :D
The details are the following:
I have 2 tables and 1 Form!
I'm Pulling the data From table 1 through the form i have and then save it in table 2 (documentation).
i think the code is something like this OpenRecordset(Select * From Table 1 Where Customer number = Etc.)


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A bit confused. In your post you wanted to know how to update records. Now you are saying you want to append records to another table (this is not updating) yet you seem to have these records in a table already. Perhaps you shouldn't be doing this, so I'll ask why you are copying from one table to another. Details on what's going on?

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