Is Power Query what I need?


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Jun 27, 2019
I perform a monthly analysis using source data that is over 400K lines of data. Each line contains information like transaction total, commission amount, and commission percentage. Currently, I have to manually remove any lines that fall within certain criteria. For example, if a line has a transaction total of 75 but the commission amount is 0, we determine that that line needs to be removed from the data set.

A manager suggested we use Power Query, which I hadn’t even heard of. Would Power Query be the best method to use to identify ‘bad’ data from such a large data set? Currently we’re simply using the filter function to filter columns.

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Jan 21, 2012
In the example that you give, it would be simple to write some VBA that adds a helper column with a formula that tests whether that exception criteria is met or not, and then delete those rows that meet that exception criteria.

In Power Query you would do a similar thing, add a column that tests for the exception criteria and filter out the rows that do meet them.

But … in my view, in VBA the rules are not necessarily that simple to maintain, for instance adding a formula to an Excel column is not hard, but it is not simple either. In Power Query, the rules are a lot simpler to maintain, they are a step in the expression. Most of the work is done in the UI not in code, you would still have to code the criteria, probably a simple If test. but much more straightforward. Adding new rules is also more straight-forward in Power Query, it is a lot harder to make a mess of the query than it is to make a mess of your VBA.

You only mention one exception, we don't know all of the things you do manually, but it looks a perfect job for Power Query to me, and would be far simpler than VBA (and I am someone who has been coding with VBA for over 20 years, I still love it, but I love Power QUery also).

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