Mouse wheel no longer scrolling up/down in Access 2010


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Jun 7, 2014
Windows 10 v 1903
MS Office Pro 2010

My (wireless) mouse wheel has recently stopped being able to scroll up/down in Access tables/queries. I use this feature a lot, due to the nature of the length of the tables/queries I use, so it's a huge frustration for me.

I've tried a different mouse but the same thing happens, ie no vertical scrolling using the wheel.

Is this due to something in Access 2010, or maybe Windows updates etc, does anyone know?

I'd really appreciate it if anyone had the solution ;)

Many thanks for any help

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Mar 2, 2007
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Mouse problems are hard to resolve but I'd try the following:

1) change the battery
2) check the manufacturers website to install any updated drivers if they have them available for your mouse
3) you can check Windows updates for recently installed updates related to hardware/firmware. I don't think this would often cause problems with mice - and it could be the reverse (might need to make sure windows is updated with all current updates).
4) can also go the the mouse settings page and check mouse properties for anything unusual (firmware status, possibly even fiddle with mouse settings).

Very unlikely Office 10 itself is the problem.


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Jun 7, 2014
Many thanks @xenou
I'll check out all the suggestions
I wasn't sure whether to post this in 'Access' forum or Windows ;) I decided on here in case others had the same issue
Thanks very much


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Jun 7, 2014
Thanks for this link mole999
I've just had a quick look, and at the link in one of the posts and it makes interesting reading - I'll read properly later
I had done a Google search for this issue, found some references but not these ones.
I very much appreciate your help

I've just uninstalled, then installed afresh, some updated drivers for the mouse and you'll be pleased to hear that seems to have done the trick :) Oh dear, I should have thought to check for updates to the drivers. My apologies for being so reticent ;) Doh!!! ;)

So, many thanks to both of you for helping to sort out this issue, and so quickly too :)
J %

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