MS Access required field event procedure if another field contains a certain value


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I am working on a split form in ms access. I would like my form to not add a record if the Sending_Category = Contractors or Salaries & Benefits, and the Sending_FTE is blank. I have tried this as an on click event for the "Add Record" Macro, and on the form as a before update event. My "add record" button stops adding records when I have this code inserted, and it doesn't work with the criteria. Any ideas? Thanks

If Me.Sending_Category = Contractors Then
                 If IsNull (Me.Sending_FTE) Then
                     MsgBox "You mut enter a sending FTE before this record can be saved"
                  Cancel = True
               End If
    'Do Nothing


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Set a breakpoint in the event and walk through the code with F8.
Chances are Sending_FTE is not null.?

Perhaps use the NZ function?
If NZ(Me.Sending_FTE,"") = "" Then


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That is not a lot to go on? :(
What *exactly* did not work?, what were the values in the controls?
For a start you should be checking for "Contractors" as it is a string?
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Sorry for the delayed response. I have figured out this much. If I type in 'Contractors' into the control source box. The code works. If I use the normal control source which pulls from another table (pasted from excel) the code doesn't work. Thanks.


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Still not a lot to go on.
However if this was my problem, I would walk through the code with F8 after setting a breakpoint.
From what you have no said, it appears that you are not really using Contractors in some way when you pull from a table.?

If that field is a Lookup field in the table, then it is not really Contractors, but the key for Contractors from wherever you get that data.?

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