Quilt Show Winners - Help!


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Feb 20, 2015
Hi everyone. Semi-lurker and I can find my way around a spreadsheet but not much of a programmer. That said, I've offered to try and write a spreadsheet that will count and determine the winner of the local Quilt Show this summer. I can make it work with a big enough hammer and an IF statement that looks like the Constitution of the United States, but I'd really appreciate something a wee bit more elegant.

18 categories of quilts.
Most have only 1-6 entries, a few might have as many as 10. Lap/Baby Quilts usually have the most.
Quilts are numbered as they are registered, i.e. Category 100 is King Size Bed Quilts, so the first five quilts hung up in that category would be 100,101,102,103,104. Category 200 is Queen Size Bed Quilts - 200,201,202,203. all the way through 1800 - Machine Embroidery - 1800,1801,1802,1803.

The ballots are vertical half sheets with each category and a line beside it, people take them around and vote on their favorites in each category, usually a couple of hundred ballots in total. (I live in rural Montana so the population pool is pretty small.) We need a clear 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category. I believe ties drop the place: two firsts mean no second, I'll look into that. Then we need the overall Best In Show 1st, 2nd and 3rd. When the results are returned it would be really nice if it could return the name of the quilter associated with that quilt as well.

I have Excel 2016 on the laptop I'm using.

When I started this I set up a 'Data' sheet with the category labels across the top (as A100, A200, A300, set up as Names) and used Form for easy data entry from the ballot, I think that will work pretty well. I've set up a second sheet called 'Summary' that has a number from 1 to 10 running down the left side with 100,200,300 etc at the top and a '=Countif(A100_,10x)' in each cell. The intention was to find out how many of each number were selected, and I had some nebulous idea of how to determine which ones were highest. I realized along about cell D4 (=COUNTIF(A300_,303)) that I was probably taking a long way around something that must be much simpler. I'd intended to have a third sheet called "Winners" but didn't get that far.

I looked around the forum quite a bit, but the sales target and the sports ones that rank don't really seem to work for my categories.

Any ideas? The quilt show is in July but I'd like to take at least a draft to the March or April Quilt Show Committee meeting.

Thanking you in advance for any help and hoping it's an interesting problem for someone. :)

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Great story line, but you didn't really ask for anything specific !
I'd probably look at an Index/Match function to extract the names of the placegetters.
I would also suggest if you have any specific requirements, you could upload the workbook to dropbox then post a link beck here so we can actually look at it.
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I'd post my spreadsheet, but it sucks.

All I need is a Winners sheet that has

Category First Second Third
Overall 101 407 1605
100 101 106 102
200 207 203 201
300 304 301 306
1700 1702 1701 1703
1800 1803 1801 1806

with the winning quilts being the ones that got the most votes from the ballots. They'll each be entered onto the data sheet one at a time.

I can write a VLookup that will bring back the name associated with the winning quilt.

I have to find out exactly how the Guild handles ties, but I don't believe there's usually very many of them. Didn't even think about it till I started writing this.

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Yeah...some of my worksheets suck too....but sharing can help both you AND the worksheet !!...(y)
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