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I am trying to figure out how to reference individual column filter criteria in an IF/Then statement. I was able to use AutoFilter.Filters(CF).Criteria1 where CF is a variable for the column. Using this method, though, if column A has a criteria selected, then column B shows up as having a criteria too, because only certain rows are being selected, based on the criteria in column A. If I hold the cursor over the Filter Icon at the top of column A, it says, "Number:" and "Equals"3"" (the column name and the value that the column is being filtered by). If I hold the cursor over the Filter Icon at the top of column B, it says, "Color:" and "(Showing All)" (the column name and the fact that no criteria was selected). If anybody can provide me a way to reference the "(Showing All)" comment in my If/Then statement, I believe I can accomplish my goal.
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Thanks for sharing the link, sijpie. I will look into it further for future reference. Last night I was able to solve my problem by using, "IF AutoFilter.Filters(CF).Criteria1 = Empty Then", where Empty represents the "(Showing All)" comment or nothing selected for the filter in that column, it gives me a reliable result.

Not what I was specifically asking for, but it does meet my needs.

I consider my issue solved, unless somebody has an interest in pursuing it.

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