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Nov 15, 2005
Please help with memory issue:

I have created a query based report to show specifications for components in a manufacturing process. Each page of the report shows one component and 3 pictures of the component. (The pictures aren't stored as files in the db, only as url's to a lan address.) Right now I have 97 records, but the list will grow. When I display the report, I can only page through 15-20 records before the report craps out. I'm reasonably confident this issue is memory related.

I used the code from the following url to develop the report:;en-us;285820#top

It was written for a single picture, so I had to create additional modules for each additional pictures. Following is the code from the report:

Option Compare Database
Option Explicit

Private Sub Detail_Print(Cancel As Integer, PrintCount As Integer)
Me!Part_Picture_Note = DisplayImage(Me!Part_Picture_frame, Me!Part_Picture)
Me!Container_Part_Picture_Note = DisplayImage(Me!Container_Part_Picture_Frame, Me!Container_Part_Picture)
Me!Containers_on_Skid_Picture_Note = DisplayImage(Me!Containers_on_Skid_Picture_Frame, Me!Containers_on_skid_picture)
End Sub

The report works fine until the memory issue kicks in. (This issue comes up whether I try to view the report or print it.) Is there some way to get around this in view mode? Can the memory cache be cleared as I go from record to record? I could handle printing the report in smaller lots, but I'd hate to have to change the criteria for the query every time I needed to view a different record set.[/code]

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Andrew Fergus

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Sep 9, 2004
Hello and welcome to MrExcel!

I'm not an expert with linked images but I suspect the size or format of the linked images will be causing the problem. How large are the pictures? Can you use smaller resolution pictures? Also, what is the file format of the pictures? There is a free image viewer and manipulator available from IrfanView.

If you wanted to print one part / page at a time, then you could do this with a form that had a combo box that you use to select the part. The report would be based on a query that references the combo box so this way you don't need to manually change the query criteria for each part.

Lastly, there are a couple of pages from the MS support website that might help, especially this one (see the section titled 'improve report performance') and maybe here.

I suspect the issue in your other post (of the repeating pictures) may also be contributing to the memory problem.

HTH, Andrew :)

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