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I hope everyone is doing good.

I am looking for some recommendations regrading the Resource Management and Planning Software. Is there a software, where I can manage and plan my organizational resources (Like a resource planning calendar). Also, everyone should have access to this calendar. Important things I am looking in the software, are- it should have the ability to do hourly resource planning, capacity planning, I can view the resource planning calendar in different view like hourly, days, week and month. When a task is assign or planned for a resource it sends out a notification. Basic reporting features like capacity planning report, planned and available time for resources report, Gantt chats, bar charts etc. While booking a resource for a task it should give basic options like tasks name, start and end duration, whether it is repetitive task, description, summary and I can assigned that task to a resource.

Please recommend me a list of software's who has these type of features. Your help would be highly appreciated!

Thank you in advance.


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