Return multiple values from a list (filling a form)


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Dec 23, 2005
I created a spreadsheet that i use in my restaurant for catering jobs.
We have many of the same customers, and go to the same places very often.

I want to select "Customer A" from some type of list (on a secondary Worksheet)and have all of his data pulled into 4 or 5 cells of my Primary worksheet.

Specifically, I want to have a "database" in Sheet2 that I can periodically update. When I select "Customer A" from a list (generated from Sheet2 database) I want to fill in (Cells B2, B3, B4) on Sheet1 with Phone Number, Mailing Address and credit card number as an example.

Once my order form (sheet1)has been filled, it generates another worksheet (sheet3) that has a checklist and invoice filled in with all the relevant data. The checklist is customized - based on the data we input on Sheet1 (Order Sheet). I have a couple command buttons that run macros to save this Template as "". This allows me to find the data when any given customer calls back - or if we are delivering to the same location. I have spent many hours scouring web pages and Microsoft office tutorials etc., but I cannot get on the right track.

I am a self taught novice in excel, but have played around a bit with list boxes, macros, command buttons etc., and I think I should be able to make this work. I have no formal VBA training. Running WinXP and excel2003.

My life would be so much easier if I could open my "Catering Template.xls" and select "Customer A" from a list and have it fill in Address and telephone information automatically. I probably have a customer base of about 50 people and we go mainly to the same 20-30 locations.

If anyone has some "basic" tips, I would appreciate it greatly.


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Hold down the Ctrl key while dragging tab for Sheet1 to the right. Excel will make a copy of the worksheet.


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Aug 21, 2004
Sounds like typical VLookup function situation

refer excel help for "vlookup" for details

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