Searching names in a column and coloring them if they match in another column


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Dec 24, 2019
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Sorry if my English is bad, I am french. I would like to compare a column of name with another column of names.
I used a levenshtein code to have a percentage of similarity with the columns.
What i want to do is like if the words are matching with a > 70%, it colors the name in green
If it doesn't match at all,( <30%) it colors the name in red. And if it is really close but some letters are missing, ( >30% and <70%) then it is orange.
here is what i did with an engineer student that left the company.
I am very new to vba and don't understand completely what he did.
Here is the levenshtein function we used using with his macro.

VBA Code:
Function Levenshtein3(ByVal string1 As String, ByVal string2 As String) As Long

Dim i As Long, j As Long, string1_length As Long, string2_length As Long
Dim distance(0 To 60, 0 To 50) As Long, smStr1(1 To 60) As Long, smStr2(1 To 50) As Long
Dim min1 As Long, min2 As Long, min3 As Long, minmin As Long, MaxL As Long

string1_length = Len(string1):  string2_length = Len(string2)

distance(0, 0) = 0
For i = 1 To string1_length:    distance(i, 0) = i: smStr1(i) = Asc(Mid$(string1, i, 1)): Next
For j = 1 To string2_length:    distance(0, j) = j: smStr2(j) = Asc(Mid$(string2, j, 1)): Next
For i = 1 To string1_length
    For j = 1 To string2_length
        If smStr1(i) = smStr2(j) Then
            distance(i, j) = distance(i - 1, j - 1)
            min1 = distance(i - 1, j) + 1
            min2 = distance(i, j - 1) + 1
            min3 = distance(i - 1, j - 1) + 1
            If min2 < min1 Then
                If min2 < min3 Then minmin = min2 Else minmin = min3
                If min1 < min3 Then minmin = min1 Else minmin = min3
            End If
            distance(i, j) = minmin
        End If

' Levenshtein3 va retourner un pourcentage (100%=exacte) basé sur les similaritées et longueurs etc...
MaxL = string1_length: If string2_length > MaxL Then MaxL = string2_length
Levenshtein3 = 100 - CLng((distance(string1_length, string2_length) * 100) / MaxL)

End Function

VBA Code:
Sub test()
    Workbooks("FinTer_012019_KTS_fichiers 12.xlsx").Activate
    list_lines = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row
    Workbooks("FinTer_012019Cie AZEC.xlsx").Activate
    Sheets("Liste nationale").Select
    terro_lines = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row
    Workbooks("FinTer_012019_KTS_fichiers 12.xlsx").Activate
    For i = 2 To list_lines
        Debug.Print i
        cur_max = 0
        cur_name = Range("D" & i).Value & " "
        If Range("E" & i).Value <> "n/a" Then
            cur_name = cur_name & Range("E" & i).Value
        End If
        For j = 2 To terro_lines
            nat_name = Workbooks("FinTer_012019Cie AZEC.xlsx").Sheets("Liste nationale").Range("B" & j).Value & " " & Workbooks("FinTer_012019Cie AZEC.xlsx").Sheets("Liste nationale").Range("C" & j).Value
            leven = Levenshtein3(Range("H" & i).Value, Range("D" & j).Value)
            cur_max = WorksheetFunction.Max(leven, cur_max)
        Next j
        If cur_max >= 70 Then
            Range("D" & i).Select
            Selection.Interior.Color = 255
            Range("E" & i).Select
            Selection.Interior.Color = 255
        End If
    Next i
End Sub

Thanks you for your help in advance.

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Aug 2, 2012
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I assume your function returns a figure between 0-100% that depends on your criteria. Assuming the function works as you want it to then I would use it in a Conditional Format statement that compares its return value to the levels you require. Let me know if you need more help and some sample data would be helpful.

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