Tracing Formula Frustrations — due to complex cell referencing​


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Suffering some apparent limitations of Excel.

Excel cell referencing (i.e. $A$6) can become a major pain when I have to make changes to a complex spreadsheet. Multiple formulas to update etc.

Tracing the formula is a major pain! I.e. Vlookup(A3, ProductMaster!$A$1:$D$25, 3, false) verses Vlookup(Product Code, Quantity In Stock, Product Master).

Who shares the frustration? Any solutions!?


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Welcome to the forum. I think you answered your own question - use names. Also, I wouldn't call it a 'limitation' rather a feature. One way to possibly help is that if you still use cell references, use find/replace to change the old to the new e.g. $A$6 to $F$22.

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