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Feb 21, 2013
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I have this form to be filled by a VBA form. I followed many VBA Form codes but unable to correctly enter data into the form. This form is located in sheet MatchData starting cell A1.
I have a form as appeared in the image below link. I am not able to upload the image directly.

All the form control names are same as the table heading.
Team1 and Team2 are comboboxes and record source is a named range OnlyTeams.
Team1Run and Team2Run are text boxes and accepts positive integers.
Team1Over and Team2Over are text boxes and accepts positive decimal numbers.
All buttons are prefixed by btn. For example, btnClear, btnClose. Plase disregard the Save button.

The help will be highly appreciated.
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Apr 11, 2012
It would be easier to help and test possible solutions if you could upload a copy of your file to a free site such as www.box.com. or www.dropbox.com. Once you do that, mark it for 'Sharing' and you will be given a link to the file that you can post here. Include a detailed explanation of what you would like to do referring to specific cells, rows, columns and worksheets. If the workbook contains confidential information, you could replace it with generic data.

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