Why a function does not populate across when clicking the + icon?


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I have a function but when I click the + icon it does not populate across the whole column.

Any idea how to fix this please?



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When you say the + icon do you mean clicking the bottom right hand corner? and you go down a column not across, is this what you mean? or do you mean going across multiple columns?
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Do you have a continuous column of data in a column next to the column you are autofilling (i.e no blank cells)? and are all the cells below the formula you are autofilling blank?
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Ther isn't an autoclick for this ( don't know why?), but you can use....
Click the bottom right corner and drag to the right

Using copy/paste
Select the first cell, copy with CTRL+C, extend selection to the end with CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT, then paste with CTRL+V
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The OP is filling down(see the Yes,yes,no) so there is a double click on the right hand bottom corner if an adjacent column is populated with no blank cells.

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