Excel Add-In

Following the style of the last few challenges, the April 2003 challenge is to submit the most useful general purpose utility for Excel. This can be anything that you wrote to improve your efficiency with Excel. Ideally, it would be something with broad applicability to many people.


Apply Formula to Range Utility by Graham Drummond.

Graham writes, I always needed to be able to apply a certain formula to every cell in a selected range, e.g. convert a bunch of numbers from hex to decimal, etc. You first select the cells you wish to change, and then run the macro. The above dialog box pops up. Type in the formula you want to apply to the selected cells, using the @ character to denote the original value of the cell. If the original cell was a text format, then you might need to enclose the @ character in quotes. You can perform some cool text functions such as changing names from "Smith, Alan" format to "Alan Smith" by putting in the following function like this:

RIGHT("@",LEN("@")-SEARCH(", ","@")-1) & " " & LEFT("@",SEARCH(", ","@")-1)