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Changing Grade Numbers to Letters

February 20, 2002 - by Juan Pablo Gonzalez

Angel asks:

I am a teacher, and I use excel to do my grading, but I still have to manually change the number grades to letters because I have not figured out what to do yet. Please help. Examples of what I am talking about:

John D = 83 which is a B-
John D2= 85 B+

and so on a so forth.

The solution is simple. Create a Table that looks something like this:

1 0 F
2 60 D
3 70 C
4 80 B
5 90 A

Where you put the LOWER limit of each range. For example, F goes from 0 to 59, so you put a 0 and next to it, an "F". After this, select this Table, go to the Name Box (To the left of the formula bar) and type GRADES

Now, if your grades are in A2 use this formula (Which you can drag down or across)