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Excel Shortcut - Go To Cell Link

August 17, 2017 - by Bill Jelen

Excel Shortcut - Go To Cell Link

The next item in our list of Excel shortcuts: How to jump from a cell to the linked cell. If you have a formula that is pulling data from elsewhere, you can jump to that other cell.

You are in a cell that points to Sheet99!Z1000. Press Ctrl + [ to jump to that cell. This even works if you have links between workbooks, even if the other workbook is closed!

Thanks to @Heffa100 with Bob Umlas.

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Auto-Generated Transcript

  • Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast
  • episode 2133 jumping to the linked cells
  • right here I have a formula and this
  • formula it is drawing a number from cell
  • b13 if I press ctrl left square bracket
  • it will take me back to where that that
  • cell came from down here cost of goods
  • sold where that come from control left
  • square bracket will take me back there
  • alright now this works even if we are
  • pointing at a workbook that you know a
  • link that has a link to an external
  • workbook and that workbook is closed it
  • will open that other workbook here let's
  • just write let's open some file and come
  • here to where there's some data all
  • right so I will build a reference here
  • so equal control tab that cell enter
  • perfect right now we'll go back to that
  • file and close file close I want to save
  • changes no all right so now I'm here on
  • this cell and we have a linked formula
  • press control square bracket left square
  • bracket it opens that file and takes me
  • to that cell alright and now we're here
  • if we need to go back if we need to go
  • back use the go-to dialog box and what
  • will be loaded up in the reference right
  • here is where we came from just simply
  • press f5 and enter to get back how cool
  • cool is that all right now here this one
  • has three cells as it's referencing so
  • if I use ctrl left square bracket it
  • will select all three cells and then I
  • can tab between them all right so that's
  • how it works and then let's go here so
  • this cell control left square bracket
  • there's it came from there let's and
  • then from here control of square bracket
  • alright now if I want to see the
  • dependence use control right square
  • bracket and it'll take you to the cells
  • that are referring to revenue so in this
  • case this cell this cell in the cell are
  • all dependents of the revenue cell
  • absolutely cool trick to be able to
  • navigate quickly including this one
  • where it will open the other workbook
  • and get us back way thanks for stopping
  • by we'll see you next time for another
  • neck
  • ask from MrExcel

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