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Excel Shortcut - Go To Cell Link

August 17, 2017 - by Bill Jelen

Excel Shortcut - Go To Cell Link

The next item in our list of Excel shortcuts: How to jump from a cell to the linked cell. If you have a formula that is pulling data from elsewhere, you can jump to that other cell.

You are in a cell that points to Sheet99!Z1000. Press Ctrl + [ to jump to that cell. This even works if you have links between workbooks, even if the other workbook is closed!

Thanks to @Heffa100 with Bob Umlas.

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Learn Excel From MrExcel, Podcast Episode 2133: Jumping To The Linked Cell.

So, right here I have a formula and this formula it is drawing a number from cell D13. If I press CONROL+[ , it will take me back to where that cell came from. Down here, COST OF GOODS SOLD, where did that come from? CONTROL+[ will take me back there.

Alright. Now, this works even if we are pointing at a workbook that, you know, a link that has a link to an external workbook and that workbook is closed. It will open that other workbook.

Here, let's just try it. Let’s open some file and come here to where there's some data. Alright, so, I will build a reference here. So, = CONTROL tab, that cell, ENTER. Perfect. Right. Now, we'll go back to that file and close it. File, close, don’t want to save changes. No.

Alright. So, now I'm here on this cell and we have a linked formula. Press CONTROL+[, it opens that file and takes me to that cell, alright, and now we're here, if we need to go back, if we need to go back, use the GO TO dialog box, and what will be loaded up in the REFERENCE right here is where we came from. Just simply press F5 and ENTER to get back. How cool, cool is that.

Alright. Now, here, this one has 3 cells that it's referencing, so if I use CONTROL+[, it will select all 3 cells, and then I can tab between them, alright? So, that's how it works, and then let's go here. So, this cell, CONTROL+[, it came from there, and then, from here, CONTROL+[.

Alright. Now, if I want to see the dependents, use CONTROL+] and it'll take you to the cells that are referring to REVENUE. So, in this case, this cell, this cell, and this cell are all dependents of the REVENUE cell.

Absolutely cool trick to be able to navigate quickly, including this one where it will open the other workbook and get us back.

Well, hey. Thanks for stopping by. We'll see you next time for another netcast from MrExcel.

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