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Excel Shortcut - Paste Special

August 22, 2017 - by Bill Jelen

Excel Shortcut - Paste Special

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts for Paste Special Values. How to quickly convert Excel formulas to Values. You will be surprised at the faster ways to do these common tasks.

I can do Alt + E, S, VEnter with my eyes closed. Alt + E opened the Excel 2003 Edit menu. S chose Paste Special. V chose Values. Enter selected OK. There are a whole series of these to learn: Alt + E, S, T pastes formats. Alt + E, S, F pastes formulas. Alt + E, S, W pastes column widths. Alt + E, S, D, V does a Paste Special Add, but does not screw up the formatting. Alt + E, S, E does a Transpose.

To see all the possibilities, press Alt + E, S and then look for the underlined letters.

Thanks to Matthew Bernath & Laura Lewis for sending in this idea.

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Auto-Generated Transcript

  • Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast Episode
  • 2135 faster ways to paste values paste
  • values all right so I have formulas over
  • here I want to copy these and paste
  • those values ctrl C and then alt e sv e
  • for edit s for special V for value salt
  • e s V Enter
  • will do that now this is actually one of
  • those things that there are so many
  • different keyboard shortcuts that you'll
  • see over here all right but I I know
  • I've been doing talking about keyboard
  • shortcuts for this whole series here's
  • there's one that the mouse way is just
  • tremendous select the data go to the
  • right edge of the selection hold down
  • the right mouse button for the rest of
  • this trick drag that somewhere anywhere
  • I don't care and then back and then when
  • you get let go this is called the
  • alternate drag-and-drop menu including
  • something copy here is values only very
  • very cool cool way to go all right
  • or if you like to use a keyboard take a
  • look down here on your keyboard unless
  • you have a picture of it up here this
  • little key it's usually you have the
  • spacebar and then an alt and a control
  • and then between the Alton control on
  • the right hand side is that key is
  • called the program key or the
  • application key or the right-click key
  • you know I don't care whatever you want
  • to call it so ctrl C and I'm going to
  • press and release that key and then
  • press V for values and so basically that
  • key and then V to several key keystrokes
  • put a fast fast way to go some people
  • don't have that key my laptop doesn't
  • have that key
  • and so it's shift f11 our shift f10 is
  • the way to open that that drop-down so
  • here we'll try this ctrl C and then
  • shift f10 and then V to select values
  • from the drop-down so several different
  • ways to go there to pay special lives
  • actually all of the the keyboard
  • shortcuts for paste special are really
  • really good I use alt ESF to paste
  • formulas it's whatever underline of
  • course is the trick to that all EST to
  • paste formats or or as I go let's try
  • this we'll take these formats here ctrl
  • C
  • and then alt e' st4 formats copies those
  • formats over or this one if I need to
  • multiply all of these by 1.55 I copied
  • the 1.55 onto the clipboard and then
  • select the whole range of es m for
  • multiplying V to not over at the number
  • format and I have effectively multiplied
  • all that by 1.5 v with absolutely no
  • audit trail I know it makes the auditors
  • cringe but it's a cool cool way to go
  • lay thanks for stopping by we'll see you
  • next time for another net cast from mr.
  • Excel

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