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Filter by Quarter in Pivot Table with Daily Dates

May 09, 2018 - by Bill Jelen

Filter by Quarter in Pivot Table with Daily Dates

Today's question from Lindsey in Nashville: How can you filter a pivot table by quarter when your pivot table data only has daily dates? It is fairly easy to do using these steps.

  • Select one cell in your pivot table data. Choose Insert, Pivot Table, OK. Before you start building the real pivot table, do some pre-work.
  • Drag Date to the Rows area.
  • If you don't see daily dates in column A, immediately press Ctrl + Z to undo the automatic date grouping.
  • Choose the first cell in your pivot table that contains a date
  • From the Pivot Table Tools | Analyze tab, choose Group Field

Choose first date and Group
    Choose first date and Group

  • In the Grouping dialog, choose only Quarters.

    Choose Quarters
    Choose Quarters
  • In the Pivot Table Fields list, drag Date from Rows to Filters.
  • Build the rest of your pivot table.
  • Insert, Slicers, Date, OK.
  • You can now filter by Quarter using the Slicer

    Filter by Quarter
    Filter by Quarter

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Download Excel File

To download the excel file: filter-by-quarter-in-pivot-table-with-daily-dates.xlsx

Thanks to Lindsey in Nashville and to the Lincoln Trail Council of the IMA for hosting the Power Excel Seminar. For a list of upcoming seminars, see Upcoming Power Excel Seminars.

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