Use Quick Insights

May 23, 2023 - by Bill Jelen

Use Quick Insights

Don't Forget to Save Your File!

The File menu in Power BI Desktop does not have the word File on it. Open the dropdown where the File menu should be and save your work as a PBIX file.

Share Your Dashboard to Power BI in the Cloud

Click the Publish icon in Power BI Desktop. The report will be uploaded to your Power BI account.

The Publishing to Power BI panel says Success! Choices are to Open in Power BI or Get Quick Insights.
Figure 1125. Click Publish to publish the data to the cloud.

Once your data has been published to the cloud, you can run Quick Insights. This feature is brand new in October 2016. It is based on algorithms from Microsoft Labs. It feels reminiscent of the Recommended Pivot Table feature introduced in Excel 2013. As time goes by, the logic will likely improve.

Insights shows an XY chart between revenue and profit. The note says Revenue and Profit are correlated by Date with an Outlier on Tuesday May 29, 2018.
Figure 1126. Insights generated 40 such charts.

Without any understanding of my (fake) data, the Quick Insights looks for correlations and outliers.

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Title photo by Onur Buz on Unsplash