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Thread: IFERROR / #DIV/0! causing issues to another formula
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    Default IFERROR / #DIV/0! causing issues to another formula

    So I have this (the below) excel formula that does work,

    =IF('Q1 - Individual Performance'!N9<=60%, "0", IF('Q1 - Individual Performance'!N9<=80.99%, "1", IF('Q1 - Individual Performance'!N9>=81%, "2")))

    However the sheet it is reading from has lots of #DIV/0! on there. So I have added in an IFERROR into the summary table to give it a blank response [=IFERROR((AVERAGE(K5:M5)),"")] just to tidy up that particular table.

    However now the top formula always returns a 2 when reading from the table that now has a blank/0 total.

    Is there something i need to do to the top formula to it should just return a 0.

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    Default Re: IFERROR / #DIV/0! causing issues to another formula

    Try this


    =IF('Q1 - Individual Performance'!N9<=60%, 0, IF('Q1 - Individual Performance'!N9<=80.99%,1, 2))

    You can also use this alternative:

    =LOOKUP('Q1 - Individual Performance'!N9,{0,0.6,0.8099},{0,1,2})
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