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Thread: Pivot Table Hide (Blank)

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    Unhappy Pivot Table Hide (Blank)

    I have a PivotTable I am trying to use as a Chart of Accounts to display parents and children of accounts. I have multiple levels and come to a point where I have empty (blank) cells that are in the Pivot Data. In the PivotTable, I need the (Blank) not to appear. Has anyone figured out a way to basically hide any rows that show blank cells?

    Sorry, I can't figure out how to add an attachment.

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    Default Re: Pivot Table Hide (Blank)

    You can filter any row/column field to not show the Blank item

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    Default Re: Pivot Table Hide (Blank)

    The pivot table is still just data so you can apply a regular filter for the whole column. My table shows data for Jan through May and for most rows, the grand total is zero. If there's a number, it means there's an error and I want to see only the errors. So I put the filer on the whole column, filter out the zero, and my 800 lines is now just 17 errors to be investigated.
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