I have an Excel macro that will loop thru a list of ID's and send each one an email using Outlook. Everything works fine.
The problem is that there is sensitive data in the emails. In my company when sending sensitive data in emails you must "Send Secure" using the Outlook plugin "Voltage".

A colleague has gotten this to work using vb.net but neither he nor I can get it to work on vba.
The method in vb.net is to create a custom header for the email (Arguments in vb.net are "X-App-Volt", "Yes").

I looked at the differences between a secure email header and an unsecure email header and attempted to use some of the properties to recreate those differences.
Apparently you can use .PropertyAccessor.SetProperty ... to send secure but I can get it to work.

Does anyone have any experience creating a macro that will send secure mail using the Voltage Plugin for outlook?

Normally when I have a problem like this I will record a macro as a starting point and then figure out how to modify it for my purposes.
But apparently there is NO WAY to record a macro in Outlook.