50+ Hours of Excel Training for US $24 With Proceeds to Charity

July 09, 2020 - by Bill Jelen

50+ Hours of Excel Training for US $24 With Proceeds to Charity

MELBOURNE: Excel MVP Liam Bastick has organized a 48-hour marathon of Excel training. He enlisted 55 Excel gurus to present for an hour each. Priced at US $24, the marathon starts at 1PM on July 21 2020 (New York time) and continues through 8 PM on July 23. If your favorite topic is being presented in the middle of the night, most sessions will be recorded for viewing later.

Sign up at https://excelvirtuallyglobal.com/pricing/.

Presenters include Excel MVPs, project managers on the Excel team in Redmond, and other Excel trainers. The list of presenters includes: David Abiola, Jon Acampora, Matt Allington, Indira Bandari, Medha Bandari, Liam Bastick, Patrick O’Beirne, David Benaim, Chandoo, Yolanda Cuesta, Govert van Drimmelen, Danielle Rifinski Fainman, Imke Feldmann, Cristiano Galvao, Leila Gharani, Jordan Goldmeier, Richard Goring, Roger Govier, Frederic le Guen, Ingeborg Hawighorst, Tim Heng, Wyn Hopkins, Boris Hristov, Guy Hunkin, Bill Jelen, Tony de Jonker, Jonathan Kahati, Gašper Kamenšek, Jeff Lenning, Raymond Lu, John MacDougall, Harysh Menon, Nabil Mourad, Michael Olafusi, Dave Paradi, Keyur Patel, Jon Peltier, Boriana Petrova, Jan Karel Pieterse, Ken Puls, Reza Rad, Sudhi Ramamurthy, Tony Roberts, Raphael Santos, Rishi Sapra, Glenna Shaw, Oz du Soleil, Grzegorz Stolecki, Echo Swinford, Alessandro Trovato, Bob Umlas, Henk Vlootman, Charles Williams, and Qinglin Zhou.

Excel Training Marathon Presenters
Excel Training Marathon Presenters

Topics span Excel, Power Query, Office Script, VBA, Power Automate, Python, R, DAX, and Power BI. Many are in English, but a few sessions are in Mandarin, Telegu, Portuguese, and French.

“Any one of these one-hour sessions is easily worth the $24 price of admission.” says Bill Jelen, publisher of MrExcel.com. “I am looking forward to picking up tips across the spectrum from people with different sub-specialties within Excel.”

Title Photo: Quino Al on Unsplash

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