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Free Excel Tickmarks Add-in

April 01, 2020 - by Bill Jelen

Free Excel Tickmarks Add-in

A seminar student of mine recently wrote: “Given our team’s migration to working from home and trying to maintain our effectiveness working remotely, we’ve been researching ways to drive consistent audit / review documentation through use of standard electronic audit tickmarks. Do you have any way that we can add tickmark icons to a cell through the Ribbon?”

The bad news: we did not have anything like this. The great news, our database administrator Suat Ozgur was looking for a project to take his mind off (a) the coronavirus and (b) some insane project that I was having him work on. So – Suat built an Excel tickmarks add-in using Visual Studio Tools for Office.

They’ve been using the tickmarks add-in and all seems to be going well. So – for anyone else who needs an add-in to add Tickmarks, feel free to use this one with our compliments.

How to install:

  1. Download the Tickmarks Add-in zip file.
  2. Unzip to a folder on your computer. You will see a Application Files folder and two files
  3. Make sure Excel is closed
  4. Double-click setup.exe
Tickmarks add-in installation files
Tickmarks add-in installation files

How to Use

When you open Excel, you will see a new Tickmarks tab in the Ribbon.

Tickmarks tab the Ribbon
Tickmarks tab the Ribbon

The first 18 icons will add a tickmark to the active cell.

The 19th icon is “Remove All Tickmarks”. Use that with caution, as it removes all tickmarks.

Watch Video

Here is quick video demo:

The usual caveats apply: No tech support for this free add-in. Test it on a few unimportant worksheets before rolling it out to production.

Title Photo: Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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