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MrExcel and Other MVPs to Return to Excelapalooza 2019

January 31, 2019 - by Bill Jelen

MrExcel and Other MVPs to Return to Excelapalooza 2019

I am excited to be making my seventh appearance at the Excelapalooza conference in Plano Texas September 16-18, 2019, but I am even more excited that they have expanded the slate of speakers to include many other MVP's.

On the slate this year:

  • Oz Du Soleil, from the Excel on Fire YouTube Channel
  • Tom Urtis, a long-time Excel MVP and author of the Excel Aptitude Test
  • Mike Alexander, the heir-apparent for Mr Spreadsheet
  • Mac McClellan - a veteran of all 9 Excelapalooza Conferences
  • Me! Bill Jelen - host of

People say that I am a funny guy when I present. Mike Alexander is twice as funny as I am. With the retirement of J-Walk, Mike is now the author of the Excel 2019 Bible and most of John's other books. John always called himself Mr. Spreadsheet. So, it makes sense that Mike is the new Mr. Spreadsheet. That gives you MrExcel and MrSpreadsheet at the same conference!

Here is a Preview Video

Join us in Plano Texas September 16-18, 2019. Details:

  • Dates: September 16-18, 2019
  • Location: Hilton Granite Park, Plano, TX
  • Use Coupon Code: MRMVP for $100 Off registration.

Bill Jelen is the author / co-author of
Excel Dynamic Arrays Straight to the Point

The new Dynamic Array Functions are just one side-effect of an effort to completely rewrite the Calculation Engine in Excel. Joe McDaid and the rest of the CALC team have the laid the groundwork for all future functions in Excel. Yes, the first crop of SORT, SORTBY, FILTER, UNIQUE, SEQUENCE and RANDARRAY are awesome and powerful, but they are just the first of many new functions that will come to Office 365 over the coming years.