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Split Workbook by Worksheets in Excel

July 05, 2017 - by Bill Jelen

Split Workbook by Worksheets in Excel

You might have two reasons to want to split a workbook where each worksheet becomes a new workbook.

First, perhaps you just used the Show Report Filter Pages feature in Excel but need to send each sheet to a different department. To see how to use this, watch this Podcast 2106 starting at 7:58.

Or - you want to use the Power Query Combine Files feature but all of your sheets are in a single workbook. See the Power Query example in Podcast 2077. Or - you have some other business reason.

I recorded this video showing the free MrExcel Workbook Splitter:

Download the zipped workbook from here.

Bill Jelen is the author / co-author of
Excel Dynamic Arrays Straight to the Point

The new Dynamic Array Functions are just one side-effect of an effort to completely rewrite the Calculation Engine in Excel. Joe McDaid and the rest of the CALC team have the laid the groundwork for all future functions in Excel. Yes, the first crop of SORT, SORTBY, FILTER, UNIQUE, SEQUENCE and RANDARRAY are awesome and powerful, but they are just the first of many new functions that will come to Office 365 over the coming years.