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Thankful for 20 Years of MrExcel on November 21

November 20, 2018 - by Bill Jelen

Thankful for 20 Years of MrExcel on November 21 debuted on November 21, 1998 when Bill Jelen answered a question about how to convert daily dates to monthly dates in Excel.

Kevin wrote:

I want to use a pivot table to summarize dates, but I want to see it at the month level instead of at the daily level. I tried simply formatting the date column to display a month, but the pivot table still breaks the data out by day.

My answer that day involved using a formula of =A2-DAY(A2)+1. Here is a screenshot of that first answer:

Screenshot of first MrExcel answer
Screenshot of first MrExcel answer

Sitting here today, twenty years later, I wonder why I did not use =EOMONTH(A2,-1)+1 or even use the Group Field solution in a pivot table to roll daily dates up to months and years.

The old MrExcel logo with stylized text lasted until 2002 when our current logo was invented.

Also: It was John "Mr Spreadsheet" Walkenbach who suggested I get rid of the annoying Excel grid in the background... "I would spend more time at your site, except for the annoying grid behind the words!".

Back in November 1998, I was working in an accounting department in Akron, Ohio. My plan was to get up every day at 5 AM, answer Excel questions from 5AM to 6AM, then head in to work. After six months, I was getting more questions than I could answer in an hour, so I launched the original MrExcel Message board using a script from Matt’s Script Archive (WWWBoard). People could post their questions to the board, and other volunteers could answer. I remember the day when I had backed myself into a corner in Excel, posted a question to my own board, and an hour later, Ivan Moala from New Zealand had posted an amazing answer. That was the day I realized how valuable of a resource could be.

Today, the Message Board has over a million questions with 5 million posts created by over 400,000 members. There are over 600,000 pages indexed by Google and we get about 2 million hits each month. Managing the board is a full-time gig for our awesome database administrator Suat Ozgur. Tracy Syrstad and the moderators have been keeping people in line at the board since almost the beginning. I am thankful to everyone who visits MrExcel, whether to ask a question or to answer thousands of questions.

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Title Photo: Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

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