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2018 Excel Seminar Schedule

  1. Monday, 01/29/2018 in ST CLOUD MN
    The Central Minnesota Chapter of IMA

  2. Wednesday, 03/21/2018 in SANTA ANA CA
    Corporate Event in Santa Ana CA

  3. Thursday, 03/22/2018 in DALLAS TX
    Corporate Event

  4. Wednesday, 04/18/2018 in FORT WAYNE. IN
    The Fort Wayne Chapter of the IIA

  5. Thursday, 04/19/2018 in ATLANTA GA
    The Gulf South Council of the IMA

  6. Friday, 04/20/2018 in NASHVILLE TN
    Lincoln Trail Council of the IMA

  7. Wednesday, 04/25/2018 in SPRINGFIELD MO
    The Springfield MO chapter of the IIA

  8. Thursday, 04/26/2018 in HOUSTON TX
    The Texas Council of the IMA

  9. Friday, 04/27/2018 in LOUISVILLE KY
    The Louisville Chapter of the IMA

  10. Tuesday, 05/01/2018 in MOUNT OLIVE NJ
    Private Corporate Event

  11. Friday, 05/11/2018 in HUNTSVILLE AL
    North Alabama Chapter of IIA

  12. Tuesday, 05/15/2018 in STEVENS POINT WI
    Heart of Wisconsin Chapter of the IMA

  13. Wednesday, 05/16/2018 in CALUMET
    The Calument Chapter of the IMA

  14. Thursday, 05/17/2018 in JOPLIN MO
    Mid-West Management Accounting Conference sponsored by the Joplin Tri-State Chapter of the IMA

  15. Friday, 05/18/2018 in MELBOURNE FL
    The Melbourne Chapter of the IIA

  16. Tuesday, 05/22/2018 in SAN DIEGO CA
    Annual meeting for Association for Computers and Taxation

  17. Tuesday, 06/05/2018 in SYRACUSE NY
    Co-sponsored by the Rochester and Syracuse Chapters of the IMA

  18. Wednesday, 06/06/2018 in NEW ORLEANS LA
    The Indesign Conference

  19. Friday, 07/27/2018 in SARASOTA FL
    Hospitality and Finance Technology Professionals

  20. Monday, 09/17/2018 in DALLAS TX

  21. Monday, 09/24/2018 in PITTSBURGH PA
    Excel4Apps Users Conference

  22. Monday, 09/24/2018 in PISCATAWAY, NJ
    Private Event in Piscataway, NJ

  23. Monday, 10/01/2018 in CHICAGO IL
    IIA Chicago Chapter

  24. Tuesday, 10/02/2018 in APPLETON WI
    Private corporate event

  25. Thursday, 10/11/2018 in CINCINNATI OH

  26. Thursday, 10/18/2018 in TOPEKA KS
    Topeka KS

  27. Friday, 10/19/2018 in OMAHA NE
    IMA Platte Valley Chapter

  28. Wednesday, 10/24/2018 in OKLAHOMA CITY
    Oklahoma City Chapter of IMA

  29. Thursday, 10/25/2018 in COCOA FL
    Space Coast IIA

  30. Monday, 10/29/2018 in ALBUQUERQUE NM
    Albuquerque IMA

  31. Thursday, 11/08/2018 in BETHLEHEM PA
    Lehigh Valley IIA

  32. Friday, 11/16/2018 in BOWLING GREEN KY
    WKU Gordon Ford College of Business

  33. Tuesday, 12/04/2018 in CAPE CANAVERAL FL
    Private Event