Cool Excel Sh*t

March 2021

Cool Excel Sh*t

50 More Awesome Excel Techniques from Bob Umlas!

Bob Umlas is the Excel MVP who knows everything about Excel. I think that every time Bob discovers a new technique that is surprising even to him, it shows up in this book!

Bill Jelen, MrExcel

category: Spreadsheets
covers: Microsoft 365

Product Details
  • 95 Pages
  • Publisher: Holy Macro! Books
  • PDF ISBN: 978-1-615470-153-1

Cool Excel Sh*t is designed with the Excel guru in mind, introducing advanced, creative solutions and hacks for the software's most challenging problems. Through a series of more than 50 techniques, formulas, dynamic arrays, and VBA macros, this guide details processes that may be used in any application and across all disciplines.


    • An amazing formula to SUMIF the visible rows
    • Putting in a Grand Total of data already subtotaled
    • Using notes inside formulas via the N-function
    • Fun with relatively defined names
    • Bulk formula change
    • Changing cell reference
    • Numbering entries tip

    • Removing the leading apostrophe from many cells at once.
    • Window/Arrange Tiled (except this one!)

    • Returning from clicking on a hyperlink
    • You can type R1C1 notation into the Name box:
    • Play a trick on your coworkers by hiding even row numbers
    • Print Area manipulation
    • Change Rows to Repeat at Top On All Worksheets
    • A few miscellaneous tips & tricks
    • Fill Handle technique to skip percentage columns
    • Distributing
    • 4 Ways to remove everything before the colon “puzzle”
    • What’s so special about viewing your spreadsheet at 39% or less?
    • Finding after the Find dialog is closed
    • Understanding the order of View/Arrange All
    • Using the buried feature: Home/Editing/Fill/Justify
    • Shift/Scrolling
    • Drag/Scrolling
    • Mailing Label tricks - 1
    • Mailing Label tricks - 2
    • Mailing Label tricks - 3
    • Ensuring users don’t open your workbook with the shift key down to prevent your macros from kicking in!
    • Oddities with the Camera Tool
    • Getting at the formatting of a cell to determine the sign
    • A piece of silliness:

    • Amazing Dynamic Array to list all files in a folder
    • Getting an NxN grid of non-repeating integers
    • Reversing a string
    • Filter Magic
    • More Filter Magic - Adding a Total Row
    • Filtering as you type
    • Create a hyperlinked, sorted Table of Contents of all sheets
  • VBA

    • You can easily get to your VBA routine from the Excel sheet by using F5 (Go To) and typing the routine name:
    • Using R1C1 to copy an involved formula to use in your VBA routine
    • A VBA Shortcuts to select from a list
    • More VBA Keyboard Shortcuts
    • VBA Shortcut to fill ranges
    • VBA Boolean test
    • Multi-select offset
    • VBA Array
    • Split Bars in VBA
    • In VBA, did you know the Locals window is read/write?
    • Putting images in a Userform
    • Make your own tools in the toolbox!

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