LiveLessons: Excel VBA and Macros with MrExcel

April 2009

LiveLessons: Excel VBA and Macros with MrExcel

Bring Bill’s Power Macros Seminar to Your Desktop!

Watch and interact as Bill Jelen brings you up the VBA learning curve.

category: VBA, Programming
covers: Excel 2010

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  • 8 Hours
  • Publisher: Que Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-0789739384

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Learn the skills you’ll need to automate routine tasks with Excel!

In Excel VBA and Macros with MrExcel, renowned Excel instructor and author Bill Jelen (MrExcel) teaches all the skills you’ll need to automate virtually any routine task with Excel and build powerful Excel macros! This package brings together nearly eight hours hours of personalized, expert video training: 50 quick, practical video lessons that demonstrate all the skills you’ll need to successfully use both the Excel macro recorder and the Visual Basic for Applications development environment. LiveLessons are video courses on DVD with a book supplement, that are organized into bite-sized, self-contained sessions – you’ll learn key skills in as little as fifteen minutes. You’ll learn one step at a time, at your own pace – using hands-on examples that reflect realistic challenges and showcase Excel’s remarkable capabilities. Along the way, Jelen will take you from the absolute basics through PivotTables and data filtering.

Delivers the power of the best classroom training!

Excel VBA and Macros with MrExcel delivers the power of the best classroom training at a small fraction of the cost. If you don’t have time to read a huge book on Excel macros and scripting, this is exactly what you’ve been searching for! Each lesson begins with well-defined learning objectives and ends with comprehensive summaries, which help you track your progress. Follow along as your trainer shows you how to make the most of Excel’s macro recorder and its powerful VBA development environment!

  • Part 1: Recording Macros

    • Lesson 1: Enable Developer Tab & Adjust Macro Security
    • Lesson 2: Recording your first macro
    • Lesson 3: Running a Macro
    • Lesson 4: Using Relative References
    • Lesson 5: Dealing with a variable number of rows
    • Lesson 6: Never use AutoSum
    • Lesson 7: Saving & Later Opening a Macro: Trust Center Settings
  • Part 2: The VBA Editor

    • Lesson 8: The Project Explorer, Code Pane, and Properties Window
    • Lesson 9: VBA Help
    • Lesson 10: The Object Browser
    • Lesson 11: Debugging Tools - Step through code
    • Lesson 12: The Immediate Pane
    • Lesson 13: The Watch Window
    • Lesson 14: Debugging Tools - Breakpoints
  • Part 3: VBA Parts of Speech

    • Lesson 15: Soccer Analogy
    • Lesson 16: Regular Variables
    • Lesson 17: Object Variables
    • Lesson 18: Better Ways to Refer to Cells
    • Lesson 19: Declaring Variables & Scope
  • Part 4: Making Decisions

    • Lesson 20: Simple If Then
    • Lesson 21: If Then Else
    • Lesson 22: Case Select
  • Part 5: Looping

    • Lesson 23: Find the last row in the data set today
    • Lesson 24: The basic For-Next Loop
    • Lesson 25: Typical Loop Example
    • Lesson 26: Loops when you have to delete
    • Lesson 27: Loops to do every other row
    • Lesson 28: Other loops like While, Do, etc
    • Lesson 29: The VBA Loop: For Each
  • Part 6: Dealing with Multiple Worksheets & Workbooks

    • Lesson 30: Creating new Worksheets
    • Lesson 31: Creating new workbooks
    • Lesson 32: Looping through all files in a folder
    • Lesson 33: Combining All Files in a Folder
  • Part 7: Formulas and VBA

    • Lesson 34: Entering Formulas in a Worksheet - A1
    • Lesson 35: Entering Formulas in a Worksheet - R1C1
    • Lesson 36: Using an Excel Function in your Code
    • Lesson 37: Creating a User Defined Function
  • Part 8: Power Tools

    • Lesson 38: Advanced Filter
    • Lesson 39: Filter instead of Looping
    • Lesson 40: Pivot Tables
    • Lesson 41: Charts
    • Lesson 42: Event Handler Macros
  • Part 9: Interacting

    • Lesson 43: Interacting Msgbox, Statusbar, InputBox
    • Lesson 44: GetOpenFileName, GetSaveAsFileName
    • Lesson 45: Userforms
    • Lesson 46: Error Handling
    • Lesson 47: Application.DisplayAlerts
    • Lesson 48: Application.ScreenUpdating
  • Part 10: Best Practices

    • Lesson 49: Two Workbook-System: Code Workbook and Data Workbook
    • Lesson 50: Cleaning up Recorded Code

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